Light the way to Radiant Skin

What if I told you there’s a chemical-free solution for acne, scarring, wrinkles, fine lines, rosacea, and inflammation? A solution that’s also anti-aging, helps rebuild collagen. and is safe for all skin types…

Welcome to the world of LED therapy! LED (light-emitting diodes) therapy has long been used by scientists (even NASA) and skincare professionals to promote cellular turnover and activate healing benefits to the skin.

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I did so in an effort to make luxury spa treatments more domestic. Since the beginning of COVID-19, at-home skincare has been prioritized with women and men giving more time and attention to their skin. Dermatologist and aesthetician visits had decreased—including my own—and I wanted to introduce a more affordable and convenient product for those in the beauty community and those wanting to make improvements to their skincare routine. The LED mask by SevenSkin Beauty is unique in that it’s wireless, touch activated, comfortable, and lightweight, making it incredibly easy to use. The mask features a 25-minute auto timer, has seven color settings, and features a setting that changes all light colors for a multi-beneficial effect.


Since it doesn’t contain any UV rays and is non-invasive (which means there’s no recovery time needed), LED therapy is safe for all skin colors and types including men and expecting and nursing mothers. However, if you’re taking Accutane, consult with your dermatologist.


LED lights send energy waves to the skin that penetrate the different layers to activate a cellular response. The depth of the wavelength is determined by the color frequency: red, blue, green, cyan, purple, yellow, and white.


From skin firming to healing sun damaged skin, the anti-aging benefits that light therapy provides are rich and long-lasting as opposed to topical creams that have more short-term results. Each color frequency penetrates a different depth of the skin causing multi beneficial reactions:

BLUE LIGHT is calming and kills acne-causing bacteria, preventing breakouts.

RED LIGHT decreases fine lines and wrinkles through the promotion of collagen reproduction and treats rosacea.

GREEN LIGHT balances out pigmentation and evens skin tone. PURPLE LIGHTheals wounds and reduces scarring.

CYAN LIGHT reduces inflammation and helps relieve sunburn.

YELLOW LIGHT detoxifies the skin.

WHITE LIGHT accelerates wound healing and penetrates deeply to amplify the other treatments while increasing absorption.


Always apply your LED mask to clean skin. There is no topical product needed before, as it may affect the ability of the light to penetrate deeply into the skin’s layers.

By Olivia Griffian, founder and CEO of SevenSkin Beauty

OLIVIA GRIFFIAN’S passion for skincare began at a young age in her mother’s salon. She traveled internationally under the advisory of top skincare professionals and developed a desire to share her knowledge through her company SevenSkin Beauty.


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