Lindsay Rando, the Face Behind High Fashion Brand “Bobbles & Lace”

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Lindsay Rando


Bobbles & Lace HQ 4 Beringer Way Suite 2W Marblehead, MA 01945


Bobbles & Lace 


Lindsay Rando, Founder of Bobbles & Lace



My business is called Bobbles & Lace, and is a high fashion yet affordable clothing and accessories boutique brand. 

The brand covers three key areas of women’s fashion: clothes, shoes, and accessories. With pieces for every season, Bobbles & Lace combines the everyday needs of a modern woman with stylish pieces that make a statement. Attention to detail is vital to our brand as our goal is to curate one-of-a-kind collections for every guest. Each store has a unique look and feel, and even inventory, while still clearly embodying the Bobbles & Lace brand and personality. 


I grew up on the counter of my grandmother’s consignment shop. With the example of my grandmother and my hardworking mother, a love of fashion and the drive to work hard to create something great was instilled in me at a young age. This is also where I learned fashion doesn’t have to come at a high price. 

After college, my fiancé at the time (now husband), Derek Rando, and I drove across the country to move to Los Angeles, CA. There, I modeled and Derek gigged as a musician around the city. Although I loved the fashion industry, I didn’t love my role in it at the time. Back in New England, my aunt Valerie White sold jewelry on Newbury Street with a pushcart. This inspired me to do the same. I grabbed $70 from my bank account and went to the fashion district to purchase pieces, bought a bar cart from Sears, and headed to downtown LA at noon to sell to people on their lunch breaks. By 1pm I was sold out of everything I had purchased. It was then I realized that this is something I loved doing, and that it worked. 

My grandmother always said, “Find what you love to do and money will follow,” and that is exactly what I did for two years until I finally made my way back to New England. 

My aunt Valerie now owned her own storefront in Marblehead, MA. The both of us decided to join forces and opened the first-ever Bobbles & Lace in 2008. Bobbles representing Valerie and her jewelry, and Lace representing myself and the clothing. The store was an instant success and we sold out of every piece of merchandise we had in our first week open. One location turned into two, then three, and although Valerie has since retired, Bobbles & Lace has grown to nine store locations spanning from Portland, Maine to Westport, Connecticut. Our first franchise location and ninth Bobbles & Lace opened this August, and we have plans for more to come!


In 2022, I launched the Bobbles & Lace franchise opportunity, with plans to expand across the country with new franchise locations in several cities.


I believe that fashion should be accessible to all women, and I have always strived to make all Bobbles & Lace stores inclusive in this way. I love the relationships I’ve been able to create with customers and every member of the Bobbles & Lace family, and I love that now I’m able to expand it even farther and get to work with more incredible women.

This summer we launched the first Bobbles & Lace franchise store and now offer franchise partnerships to select aspiring store owners across the country. Until now, I have personally owned and operated all 8 storefronts, but with this expansion, I opened the brand up to independent owners in a unique way and it’s been an incredible experience so far.

I am utilizing the expertise I gained through running a successful fashion boutique to provide new entrepreneurs with the tools they need to open and manage their own Bobbles & Lace franchise. This franchise launch makes business ownership accessible to more women in a time when women need flexibility and crave a chance to be a breadwinner in a fun and creative way. 

This is making it possible to provide other entrepreneurs with the tools they need to make their dreams of owning a store come true, which is truly rewarding!


I didn’t study business in college, I learned all about owning a business on the fly. As time went on I got more and more confident as I grew as a woman in the fashion industry. I learned the power of having a strong customer base that ultimately built up the Bobbles & Lace community to what it is today. When COVID shut down businesses it opened my eyes to what it means to persevere as a business owner. Opening up the Portland, Maine location during the pandemic was one highlight among many. I kept 8 stores ‘open’ when doors had to be closed due to the pandemic. When it was time to expand, the world was my oyster.

My unique ability to curate things people love has always been one of my strong suits and is what has made my brand what it is. Curating every single item we carry, the decor of each store down to every detail, and honestly, even the stylists and salespeople on my team is something I take great pride in but also that comes easily to me. I find and attract the right elements for the brand.

You can learn more about Lindsay and Bobbles and Lace on these channels: | Instagram | Facebook.


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