Listen Now: James Maslow Releases Debut Single “All Day”


Listen up, we have exciting news! James Maslow just came out with his dangerously steamy debut single “All Day” featuring Dominique. Even better news, there’s more to come – and if this hit is any indication of what we can expect to hear from him in the future, we’re in for a treat. Is it just me, or is it getting hot in here?

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What inspired you to write your new debut single “All Day”?

I wanted to talk about something relatable. Most people seem to flirt more over text than they do in person and it drives me crazy. So All Day is saying, I get it, and I can play this game all day but I’d rather do this in person.

Why did you choose Dominique to feature in your song?

Dom was one of the writers on the song and did the female vocal for the demo. The more we thought about another artist in her place the more we were worried it wouldn’t be as good! So it was a natural and awesome fit to keep her on board as she’s about to be pursuing her own career as an artist. 

Who would you love to collaborate with next, if you got to choose anyone?

Ariana Grande. She has one of the best voices of our generation. Besides I’ve known her for years since we both worked on Nickelodeon and it would be great to collab with a friend.

Can we look forward to more music coming out soon?

Absolutely. This is just the beginning.

Where can we catch you on screen in the future?

I have a movie called Twisted Tenant hitting Lifetime next month! I got to play a bit of a bad guy which was a lot of fun. More movies around the corner as well!

Listen to “All Day” featuring Dominique on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play or Tidal and give James a follow on Instagram @jamesmaslow to stay up to date on more music coming out soon!

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  • I love this! James is an amazing singer, actor, humanitarian & musician and i also love that you were able to interview someone who has a passion doing what he loves for a living which is singing & acting in the music industry. #TeamMaslow (He calls his fans/his management that) are SO PROUD of James for going out on his own and writing music he felt was music he loved! Sure, he loved working with BTR and those guys but at the same time, going solo gave him a chance to really open up and show to us the fans a more personal side of him that he never revealed and spoken about till now and it’s something that we are happy to see/hear since BTR was a fully committed project (2009-2014). 🙂 <3-Elizabeth <3

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