Local NYC Restaurant, Shoo Shoo Nolita, Treats Healthcare Workers To Unique Dining Experience

If you’re looking for a feel-good, inspiring story about a local, small business changing the food experience for the healthcare heroes of New York, look no further than the Ameri-Can NYC restaurant, Shoo Shoo Nolita.

Israeli restauranteur and co-owner, Albert Bitton, was inspired to personally feed these workers on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic. And, even as things start to settle down, some ICU medical professionals are still working 14-hour days and have no time to cook at home for themselves. With hospital cafeterias running short on staff and most restaurants closed, Bitton decided to launch a fundraising campaign on GoFundMe. The fund raised $49,690, so healthcare workers could have access to healthy and nourishing food, in order to perform at their peak.

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Photographer: Sebastien Vergne @touelve

100% of the donations are dedicated to serving meals to different departments of the hospitals and Shoo Shoo will continue delivering hot, healthy meals daily to the following facilities:

Harlem Hospital Emergency Room

NYU Hospital Emergency Room

Elmhurst Hospital

Lincoln Medical Center Bronx

New York-Presbyterian Queens Hospital

Lincoln Medical Center

NYU Tisch Hospital

Maimonides Hospital

Linski Hospital

Photographer: Sebastien Vergne @touelve

The Shoo Shoo team has been living out of rental homes, so as to not take the subway, and do their part in social distancing. They work tirelessly on everything thing from A to Z, including: meal preparation, adding personal touches in packaging with notes on delivery bags, reading menus to nurses who come outside to pick up the food, coordinating orders with hospitals, and delivering Shoo Shoo’s unique culinary comfort-food experience to workers on-the-go. Unlike typical delivery services, healthcare workers feel as though they are at an actual restaurant again – laughing at 6 feet away, spirits lifted, filling their hungry bellies during their long shifts, all despite the extreme pressure and strain they face each day.

Doctors and nurses are also able to send in special requests for menu items featured in Shoo Shoo’s social media posts, sparking the interest of other departments and hospitals to experience Shoo Shoo as well!

Photographer: Sebastien Vergne @touelve

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