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Long Hair, Don’t Care: Exclusive Interview with Ford Model & Hidden Crown Founder Shelley Goodstein

Want to rock hair extensions this holiday season, but not sure where to start? Meet Hidden Crown and its Ford model founder, Shelley Goodstein. Since she’s been modeling her whole life, Goodstein knows all the hidden beauty secrets, and she created Hidden Crown to make hair extensions a seamless process for everyone.

We were excited to talk to Goodstein and score some tips for our BELLA readers…

Hidden Crown Inspiration

“In the past when I’d go to a photo shoot and they put hair on me, I loved the way it looked. I wouldn’t want them to take it off at the end of the day, but I never had the confidence to hide the 18 clips it required to look like that. My mission was to make salon-quality, easy-to-use, professional products available not only to the rich and famous, but affordably to all women.”

What Makes Hidden Crown Extensions Different?

Goodstein’s Top 6 Hair Extensions Tips

  1. Don’t fake It. Always choose 100% REMY human hair. Don’t get fooled by synthetic or blends. REMY means all cuticles are in the same direction and won’t tangle easily.
  2. Find your natural color. The extension color should always match the lower third of the hair shaft and the ends because this is where the extension will meet up with your natural hair.
  3. Hair can make or break your holiday look: Hair is the one thing you can’t filter-fix when you’re taking lots of holiday photos. Use extensions to get fuller hair with no peek through spaces. An added bonus: More hair on your head can also make your body appear thinner.
  4. Make waves. For the holiday season, don’t forget that you can style your extensions with a curling iron to add some waves. Extra hair is especially perfect for braids and thicker side ponytails—think gorgeous fishtails with crystals, bows…you name it!
  5. Keep it going longer: Your hair extensions can last 3 months up to a year depending on how you take care of them. One not-so-obvious trick is to only wash your extensions every 2-4 months.
  6. Handle with care: Brush your hair extensions gently a few times a day when you’re wearing them. Tangling happens easily at the nape of your neck just from the small back and forth movements of your head because you have added so much extra hair right there.

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