Look Amazing, Be Unstoppable!

They say appearance is only skin deep, but it actually goes a little further than that. In fact, it can make a huge difference to your life, as it can affect how you feel about yourself. As well as give off a specific message to those around you about the type of person you are and your view on things.

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That’s why it’s not vain to take care of your appearance, but vital! Why neglect something that can have such an influence on your mood, performance, and even success? So read on for our guide on how to make your appearance work for you.





Posture it a vital part of your appearance that you can make work in your favor. This is because a good posture not only makes a good impression, but it opens up your lungs so you can get enough oxygen, making you feel better during the day.

It can also have a huge effect on how you feel and look. Just consider all of those celebrities posing on the red carpet. They practice their posture beforehand and know their angles for photos. Why? Well, it’s because it ensures they look their best, slimmest and youngest!

Then, of course, they feel their best too, so they are in top form. All from standing up straight!



Getting our makeup right is something that we can definitely get to work in our favor.

In fact, the makeup we wear can say a lot about us, that is why it’s important to pay careful attention to the tones and shades that you are using and how they work together.

First of all, getting a good skin tone match for your foundation is essential. Otherwise, it appears to lay on top of the skin and just looks fake. Not only will you look a little silly like this but it also shows people that you don’t pay attention to the details. Which is not the impression that you want to be giving off.

Next, you need to study the color trends of the season and find a way to work this into your current makeup routine. For example, this season is all about bold, bright lip shades. But that doesn’t mean you have to start wearing turquoise lip color to the office every day!

Instead, be aware of the trends and then combine it with your own look to your best advantage. For example, it might be a lot easier to work in a matte crimson shade, than a bright orange one!

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It’s also pretty common for the folks around you to notice when you have changed your lip color to something bold like this. So use this to your advantage when you want to get noticed in an important meeting, or presentation, or even on a date where you want to feel a little sassy!


Remember, receiving a compliment on something as simple as your lipstick can act as a confidence boost. Which can really give a lift for the rest of the day!



How can a haircut make a difference in your life? Well, first of all, getting one that it easy to take care of, but looks gorgeous can reduce your stress in the mornings, and boost your confidence no end. Starting your day off in just the right way.


You also need to ensure that you get a style that suits you well and has a nod to the trends of the season. But don’t allow yourself to become a fashion victim here. As wearing a hairstyle that is super trendy but doesn’t look great on you, may cause some people to not take you seriously.

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Instead, alter a style subtly, so it suits you better, makes you appear confident and collected, with your finger on the pulse.



Of course, one the most important aspect of our appearance is the way that we dress, and that means it has huge potential to work in our favor.

Firstly, the way that we dress affects how we feel. We wear lounge clothes at home to be comfortable and relaxed, and business clothes in the boardroom to look professional and feel capable and confident. Therefore we need to choose the right outfit for the task at hand and the image that we want to project.

We also dress in part for others, when we have a date we want to wear something that we feel sexy in, but that our date will like also. When we have a presentation, we want to wear something smart, but also that is on trend to feel our most confident. So choosing something that others will see in a positive light and suits us will ensure we are using our dress to our best advantage.

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So, when deciding what to wear always abide by these key rules and you should be golden. Does it fit me, do I like how I feel in it, and is it suitable for the occasion? If you can answer yes to all of these, then you are going to really be able to make your clothes work in your favor.



Now, apart from haircuts, clothes, and makeup, our jewelry is also something that we can make work for us.

First of all, you can wear many different items of jewelry like gold chains, diamond rings, or solitaire earrings to finish off your outfit and provide you with a bit of a confidence boost.

Remember a nice piece of sparkle can really set off an outfit, and make it seem a lot more expensive that it actually is. Which will, in turn, make you feel great and give off a good impression to those around you.

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But it is important that you get the type of jewelry right for your style and shape. For example, more petite ladies can look drowned in large statement pieces. Where women with larger busts are advised to avoid tiny, delicate, necklaces, as these only emphasize the area.



Now, bags are a whole language in themselves, and you need to learn to speak it if you want to use them to your best advantage.

In a way, they are a sign that you carry around with you all day (and keep your stuff in), showing that you know your fashion references and can style the hell out of any outfit.

To get your handbag game bang on, remember that there are three things you need to think about: size, color and style.

The size should be in proportion to you so if you are taller, or plus size then goes for an oversize version.



The color should be black, brown, or in this season’s accent color such as coral, heather, or yellow.


Of course, the style is all about the latest trends that the designers are putting out. But if you do get caught in the year-long waiting list for the next Mulberry, don’t stress! Instead, observe the shape of the bag and attempt to replicate this as best you can. You’ll still get style points for the reference, even if it’s not a designer version!  




Now they do say that ‘clothes maketh the man,’ but I think if this is the case then, maybe it’s the shoes that maketh the woman? That’s right, shoes are a big deal, and you need to get these spot on to feel amazing and be unstoppable.

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Its heels all the way here, I’m afraid! Yes, they can be a little uncomfortable, and sometimes even a little impractical, but the difference that they make is your posture, the way your clothes sit, and your figure means that it’s all worth it.

But be sensible about things, and break those babies in by wearing them around the house, before you wear them to the office, or on a night out.

Also, make sure you know your trend references in the area as well. As there is nothing that will get you respect quicker, whether it be in the boardroom or the ballroom, than styling your outfit perfectly with some Manolo Blahniks or Christian Louboutins!

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