Looking For Ideas For That Second Pandemic Birthday? Here’s How You Can Make It Special

Back in March, we all took a collective deep breath as the world passed the one-year anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s been an incredibly tough time for every single person, and we have all had to make a big extra effort to make sure that those important life events are still celebrated. In a time when we have all felt extremely isolated and the distance between us and our friends and family has never been more keenly felt, it was vital to find those moments when we could show our loved ones just how much they meant to us. 

It seems safe to say that we will all remember the birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions that we celebrated over the course of the last year. Whether we kept it low key or still found a way to pull out all the stops, we made it an unforgettable day despite everything that was going on out there.

Now, it seems like there are brighter days to come. The vaccines are rolling out around the world with new models being developed, we are starting to see restrictions being lifted, and it feels like things getting back to some kind of normal may only be a matter of months away, rather than years. However, the fact of the matter is that, for many of us, we’ll still be living in this pandemic reality when our birthday comes back around. Getting our friends and close relations around the dinner table or heading out on the town for a huge night out may once again be off the cards for upcoming 2021 birthdays for ourselves and others, so how can we find a way to keep it special? Well, we did it once before, didn’t we? Here are a few ideas to help you nail that second pandemic birthday.

Have A Back-Up Plan Ready To Go

Something that we all discovered over the last twelve months is that things can change in an instant. How many of us had big plans that we were forced to cancel or postpone thanks to illness or new restrictions? Well, it goes without saying that we can surely expect to come up against a few more scheduling issues in the months to come, so it’s going to be very important that we all stay on our toes and be ready for anything. 

Admittedly, there are some birthday plans that are more likely to be disrupted than others, but it is definitely a good idea to have a couple of plans in motion just in case anything changes. And hey, that change could be a good thing too, especially if it means we can actually see people face to face.

Get Commitments From People Now

This point ties directly into the one above, but it’s important enough to merit its own heading. If you planned any kind of event in the last twelve months, whether it was a wedding or Friday night video call, you will know that there is always going to be at least one person who has had to drop out at a moment’s notice. There’s nothing you can do about that, but what you can do is make sure that you give people as much information as you can ahead of time. Get it in their diaries now before other events start popping up.

Don’t Be Afraid To Go Big

Everything has been so dramatically different and scary over the last twelve months that it feels like we’ve spent most of our time just getting by. Trying to make things nice was the next level up from that, which is why many of us felt perfectly comfortable putting together a birthday celebration that was low-key but heartfelt. We’re talking about a nice dinner, splashing out on some fancy drinks, and making an effort by putting on our best outfits for an evening indoors. 

Well, now we’re at birthday round two, and while there’s certainly nothing wrong with keeping things casual if that’s what they want, you should absolutely think about going big this year. This should be an optimistic celebration of better times to come, and if the big outdoor event can’t happen just yet, then you’re going to have to find a way to recreate that scale indoors.

Find Creative Ways To Bring People Together

While there were moments over the course of the pandemic when lockdown restrictions were not completely severe, there’s still a very good chance that whoever you’re planning a party for celebrated their last birthday in lockdown. So, this year a video call with a couple of family members isn’t going to cut it. If you can’t get celebrate in the garden or outside somewhere, then you are going to need to get creative with that social element. Why not try an online cocktail making class with virtual drinks afterwards? Don’t be afraid to theme it up and really get into the spirit of things! 

For example, why not get the gang involved in a virtual casino night? A live casino offers you the closest thing to stepping foot in an IRL casino that you can get, with real dealers rather than AI-driven bots. If they love having a flutter, then why not make sure everyone is dressed to the nines for a bit of online gambling with some themed cocktails? If you’re wondering if a live casino is worth it, this blog breaks down the best available options and what each one has to offer.

Remember That It’s Still Going To Be Weird

As we look forward to better things to come, it is important to remember that the time we are living through right now is not typical. Things are really hard, and there will come a point when everyone will remember how strange it is that we’re having to figure out how to have an amazing birthday during a pandemic. 

It’s important to recognise and acknowledge that, and it’s also important to remember how amazing it is that friends and loved ones will always come together in times like these. We need to keep those relationships going, and we will come together when things get better, which they will. 

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