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LOVE is in the HAIR

Our Beauty Director Janene Mascarella shares her swoon-worthy mane attractions.

Plummeting temps and the lack of moisture in the air during the winter months can wreak havoc on your hair. Here’s how I show my long, color-treated strands some much-needed TLC.

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Nunzio Saviano “The Cream” Time-Release Anti-Frizz Styling Blow Dry Cream is formulated with coconut water and coconut milk, and I’m absolutely crazy for it! The cream uses an innovative delivery system to deeply nourish and fight humidity both instantly and over time. It instantly makes my long, dried-out winter hair soft and shiny.



The Sultra After Hours Collection ThermaLite Dryer Brush guarantees to dry your hair lightning-fast while creating the most pumped-up volume and sexy style. Sultra’s exclusive ThermaLite technology combines far infrared rays with a dedicated ion emitter that actually promotes healing of the hair and scalp while you style.



Bomba Beauty Bites are passion fruit-flavored gummy vitamins that contain the perfect dose of biotin, folic acid, and essential vitamins to help you unlock healthy hair growth, supple skin, and stronger nails as well as promote a stronger immune system. Two of these beauty-boosting gummies help me get all the nutrients needed to meet my hair goals!



Lee Stafford Hair Lengthening Treatment encourages longer, stronger hair with more body and fullness. The soothing formulation reduces irritation and moisturizes your scalp, providing the perfect base to help hair grow faster and reach its maximum length. Rich and indulgent, this tress-terrific lifesaver improves follicle health as well.



ELALUZ Dry Texture Finishing Spray delivers touchable texture while protecting hair from breakage and UV damage. Brazilian super oils helps prevent breakage and keeps healthy-looking hair while turning up the volume.



Hair Food’s Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse is the perfect remedy for getting rid of shine-blocking build-up. Use instead of your shampoo to remove any impurities to leave hair soft, nourished, and with properly balanced pH levels. I like to use it once a week (appliedy from my scalp to roots), and the treatment only needs to stays on about three minutes to work its luster-enhancing magic.

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John Masters Organics Nourishing De-Frizzer for Dry Hair is an expert blend of nine certified organic essential oils (including avocado, coconut, cedarwood, and lavender) and two certified organic botanical extracts. This restorative and moisturizing USDA-certified organic treatment oil is great to use on split ends and to tame those pesky flyaways.



The Lunata Cordless Flat Iron/ Styler Plus+ is a cordless, full-sized flat iron that reaches 450 degrees with a charge. And even more impressive than that, it lasts for 45 minutes, and it now works while plugged in! It’s pretty much a game-changer and my secret weapon to staying sleek on the go to always look fab on the fly.



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