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Regina’s Grocery, located at 27 Orchard Street between Hester St. and Canal St., is the new Italian deli aiming to not only ad authenticity and traditional Italian flavor to the Lower East Side but also deliver a home-style, New York-centric menu, and atmosphere. This 450- square foot venue can hold about 10-12 patrons inside and will grant outdoor seating to a lucky two. The space has been in soft opening for the past month, officially opening on July 7th.

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“We wanted to build a place where it felt like your home,” says owner, Roman Grandinetti. “My family opened their doors on holidays, Sunday’s – any day, to everyone I’ve ever know. This is what we’re going to do on Orchard Street with Regina’s”.

The eatery is the brainchild of Roman Grandinetti, successful owner of the content management agency CNNCTD, and his mother Regina. The two collaborated to take their love for authentic Italian food and their need to share it with New York City. Taking high quality, organic (when possible) ingredients and incorporating them into family named sandwiches. The duo will also be dishing out Hot Sandwiches with Regina’s Meatball, Eggplant, and Chicken Parm. Regina will soon be selling her Hot Sauce, Sunday Sauce and a number of home-style salads.

Regina’s Grocery will be a quickly evolve into a neighborhood staple in the Lower East Side. When guests walk through the door the décor and those inside greet them warmly. A sense of nostalgia will wash over them; the space will feel familiar and welcoming like they’ve been there before. Friends, both old and new, will be talking across tables, hanging out and enjoying their meal.

The décor is authentic, black and white, clean and crisp. The setup was modeled after vintage pork stores of Brooklyn. Old photos of Regina and family cover the walls adjacent to Italian groceries such as hand-picked Italian imports, tomato sauce, and pasta to Nutella. The front room is modeled off of old-school social clubs and will host poker nights, and other events after-hours at Regina’s.

The menu, as of right now, consists of a family tree of sandwiches. Each sandwich at Regina’s Grocery is named after a Grandinetti relative, some examples include:

  • Grandma Lucy – Genao Italian Tuna, Provolone, Regina’s Olive Spread, Arugula, Red Onions. EVOO, Balsamic on Striato Bread.
  • Cousin Vinny– Prosciutto, Fresh Mozz, Broccoli Rabe, Roasted Reds (peppers), Balsamic, EVOOO, on Striato Bread.
  • Uncle John – Prosciutto, Provolone, Mortadella, Hot Sopressata, Smoked Ham, Lettuce, EVOO, Red Wine Vinegar & Roasted Reds (peppers) on Semolina Bread. 
  • Full Menu can be found here. 

Also available Regina’s Grocery’s signature Arugula Salad (Arugula and Lemon) with the ability to be purchased as is, or customized, the motto here, “We got it, throw it on top.” As well as hot specials on Thursday-Saturday from 5PM-10PM ranging from Meatball Marinara, Sausage and Peppers and Roast Beef. Available for purchase at the store are homemade sauces and spreads made by Regina herself as well as imported grocery items. 

This is just the beginning for Regina, Roman and their shop in the Lower East Side. Private dinner series, collaborations with renowned chefs, collaborations with major brands, and more food rollouts are to come. Stay tuned.

About Roman:

Roman’s background of music, fashion, and food, provided him with the perfect factors to push forward with his new endeavor. Regina’s Grocery is an extension of self, taking all his business associates, connections through the years, as well as his old neighborhood friends, and family, to create a place where they can all mingle and enjoy some home-cooked favorites.

About Regina:

The muse of Regina’s Grocery has a story all her own. Those close to her describe Regina, a Brooklyn native, as one-of-a-kind. From her unique yet trendy look including cat-eye glasses, an all black wardrobe, and her red hair, to her take it or leave it attitude. Regina’s background is heavy in the beauty world, working for Chanel for many years, with cooking always as a part of her life. Regina cooked for family, friends, friends of friends, etc., cooking is a prominent piece of her culture; it’s how she shows you she cares. This former Studio 54 regular is now sharing her recipes and delicious food with New York City. She will be in the kitchen, and accessible for patrons, giving Regina’s Grocery a home-like feel unparalleled to anything else.

Regina’s Grocery

27 Orchard St. (Between Hester St. and Canal St.)

P. 347 680 4361 | Hours: 10AM-6PM

For more information please visit:

Instagram @reginasgrocery | Facebook /Reginas-Grocery 

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