Maine-Based Craft Chocolate Confectionary is at the Top of Our Hit List

Who knew that Maine is home to some of the best chocolate you can get your hands on? Not me! The family owned and operated chocolate confectionary, Bixby & Co. is based out of a 125-year-old former ice plant on the waterfront in Rockland, Maine, and if its accolades are anything to go by (they are), they are proving that the best things come in small packages.

Founded by Kate and Donna McAleer, a mother and daughter duo, the company, which launched back in 2011, focuses on producing top quality organic and non-gmo chocolates, and in 2017, became the first bean to bar (aka craft chocolate maker) in the whole state of Maine. The chocolate confections that Bixby & Co. produces are made from ethically sourced ingredients from the Caribbean and many Central American countries, where Kate has met with the cocoa farmers. Their products range from caramel bites and clusters to peanut butter bites to bon bons.

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Recently, Bixby & Co. collaborated with Maine-based Split Rock Distilling to create a unique, rich and deeply delicious bourbon chocolate bar. When two of your favorite things collide, you can’t help but smile. Whiskey and chocolate has long been a perfect pairing and these two Maine powerhouses married them perfectly in this new delight. Bixby & Co. begins by soaking cacao nibs sourced from the Dominican Republic in Split Rock’s barrel-aged bourbon for at least two weeks, and then grinds them up to create a dark chocolate bar that is extremely smooth and bold, and displays delicate tastes of woody bourbon.

The care Bixby & Co. puts into creating their chocolates is evident in more ways than one. Once you open up a bar, you will see and smell the intricately carved chocolate, which turns it into not only a yummy treat, but also a work of art. Once you bite in, you’ll be blown away by its creamy, soft texture, perfect flavor and the way it melts in your mouth. Bigger companies can learn a lot from the quality and care brands like Bixby & Co. put into their products.


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