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Make 2017 Your Most Stylish Year Yet With These Top Tips

We are in a new year already, and the motivation and focus of concentration around is there to be absorbed. Whether you believe in resolutions or not, many people set themselves plans and goals for the year ahead. Whether that is career related or on a more personal level. But while you can keep yourself motivated, write them down, or even talk about them with your loved ones, I started to wonder whether there were more practical and psychological ways in which you can improve your chances of going through with your new year plans. One of the ways I believe you can is by dressing the part. A great tip for this is to take a long hard look at your wardrobe and invest in some new pieces. So why not make 2017 your most stylish year yet and smash those goals in the process? Here are my top tips to do it.

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Declutter your wardrobe

One of the first things you need to consider doing is clearing out your wardrobe of all the clothes you don’t wear or don’t fit, and you don’t love. It can be hard to shy away from your usual clothing choices if your mind is presented with too many options. Even if you do have no intention of wearing them. Get rid of the clutter for good and finally, see the clothes you have to work with. This will also highlight if there are any purchases you need to make.


Invest in key pieces to mix and match

It’s important that you have key pieces in your wardrobe that can be mixed and matched together. This is also known as a capsule wardrobe which can be categorized into things like work and socializing. You don’t have to venture to the shops though as once you have highlighted what items you need you can find clothes online.


Dress your body shape

We all have key features of our body shape so take advantage and dress them appropriately. If you have a small waist show that off or if you have amazing curves don’t be scared of them. Dressing your body shape will make your clothes look and fit better on you, which will then ultimately make you feel good. Try a few items on and take a long hard look in the mirror and see how you feel wearing them, and how they fit on you.


Work out what colors suit you

Some colors suit us better than others, but actually, it’s more to do with the tone of the colors. You may suit warmer tones or cooler ones, but it’s worth working out which suits you best to aid you with future clothing purchases.


Be a little adventurous

Finally, why not make it the year to be a little more adventurous with your style. Try new things and step out of your comfort zone. For example, if you wear jeans everyday why not change things and wear a dress one day. You might be surprised how the change in clothing makes you feel.

I hope this has inspired you to make this year a stylish one.

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