Make An Impact: Melody Stevens, Educating and Giving Back Through Music


Melody Stevens is the owner of Mozarts and Einsteins Preschool, Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY and Academy of Music and Dance, Spotswood, NJ.  A former NJ public school vocal/general music teacher, Stevens has built her company with the mission of increasing awareness of the importance and value of arts education for children.

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Mozarts and Einsteins is a fully-licensed, arts-based preschool located in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn. “The preschool’s goal is to teach children how to learn, because teaching children to read and write is not enough,” explains Stevens.

Stevens has partnered Mozarts and Einsteins with the NYC charity Education Through Music which provides music as a core subject to inner city schools in need. “For every student that registers at Mozarts and Einsteins, a student will receive music in their school for a year,” Stevens adds.

The preschool has already donated thousands of dollars to the cause and is contracted to continue its partnership with Education Through Music through the rest of this year.

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Photo Credit: Mozarts and Einsteins

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