Make your EPIC Comeback after Divorce

After my divorce 11 years ago, I went through a lot of self-reflection and trauma of not always having my children. It wasn’t easy losing someone, because that someone I once trusted, broke my heart into a million pieces. It left me dealing with putting it back together. Though I didn’t have my EPIC comeback until a few years later…there are ways you can get that comeback sooner.

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I sat down with Nikki Bruno, a coach, mentor, educator and the author of “The Epic Comeback.” This program is about putting the pieces of your life back together after a high-conflict divorce. It reaches all across the globe via video and phone.

The 6-12 months long coaching sessions are about setting goals, reflection and looking to the future after staging an epic comeback.

What are the outcomes of this program? 

  • You’ve staged your own Epic Comeback by taking BIG action in multiple areas of your life (i.e. career, romance, health…).
  • You’ve got your mojo back. You feel sexy, hot, fit, and unstoppable.
  • You love, trust, and accept yourself fully.
  • You’ve got an amazing VIP crew of loved ones surrounding you. They support you unconditionally, hold you up, make you laugh, and help you to be the best version of yourself.
  • You feel safe, held, and valued.

What made you create this coaching session?

I went through a three-year-long high conflict divorce. My ex-husband of nine years–with whom I had two children with– didn’t want to get a divorce, which added to my stress. The conflict and parental alienation from the divorce almost broke me emotionally. I learned a lot about moving on and not letting it define who I am or let it define who my children are.

I studied comebacks in sports, celebrities, entrepreneurs and relationships to learn how people worked to achieve their epic comeback.

I offer a specific pathway for each individual and their lifestyle.

How do you protect your feelings from being drained from your client’s sessions? My clients come to see me at the end of their divorce process. The emotional trauma from the divorce should be dealt with by their therapist. I’m focused on helping the client move forward and meeting their goals. I highly recommend that you should speak to your therapist to heal first before seeing me.

Likewise, I ensure that I get enough rest and work out when needed before I see my therapist.

Valuable learnings:

  • Treasure in trauma – hidden opportunities to figure things out until you go through them. It can also be a liberating process. Divorce represents freedom and creates a new household for yourself and your kids. It created a warrior energy that I didn’t know was there.
  • Right kind of support – Don’t do it alone. You need the kind of support that will move you forward and love you unconditionally. It’s important to vent to other people, but seek aspirational support–through your role models who can get you through it– to show you can have an amazing life.
  • Professional Help – Along with your lawyer, see a therapist to take care of yourself emotionally. It’s likely history will repeat itself and you may stay bitter and angry for a while.

If you’re struggling with how to make your EPIC Comeback, Nikki Bruno provides services to get you on track to a happier life.

Coaching program:




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