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Mayte Garcia stars in VH1’s new reality series “Hollywood Exes”. The show follows the lives of the ‘ex wives’ of some very well known stars of the Hollywood, sports and music worlds. The cast includes: Nicole Murphy (Eddie Murphy): Sherie Fletcher (Will Smith); Andrea Kelly (R Kelly) and Jessica Conseco (Jose Conseco). Mayte is also set to star opposite Latin heartthrob William Levy, (“DWTS”) in a feature film set to shoot later this fall.

Mayte is a talented entertainer and triple threat that can act, sing and dance – finding success on all fronts. Mayte was recently seen in her first studio film, New Regency’s Firehouse Dog, and the independent feature Life Is Hot IN CrackTown opposite Victor Rasuk, Brandon Routh and Kerry Washington. She also starred in Ego opposite Eve and Vincent Laresca. Nick Cassavettes executive produced the film.

On the television side, Mayte has appeared on Lifetime’s “Army Wives”,USA’s “Psych,” NBC’s “Las Vegas” as well as the season finale for the TNT show “The Closer,” and on the FX hit show “Nip Tuck.”

Her recent success is evidenced by a drive and work ethic that goes all the way back to her childhood. Born in Alabama to parents of Puerto Rican descent, Mayte grew up all over the United States and in Germany (due to her father’s career in the military), and spent her summers in Puerto Rico with her extended family. A dancer from when she was basically out of the womb, Mayte began classical ballet and belly dancing at the age of just three years old. Inspired by her mother who was a professional belly dancer, Mayte became the world’s youngest professional belly dancer at the tender age of 8. She was even featured on the popular show, “That’s Incredible.”

BELLA: How was life growing up as the daughter of a military man and a professional belly dancer?

I think it helped me with being open to change. I could move anywhere and live there. We learned to adapt .. Key word.. It has it’s pros and cons of course but I’m grateful to have traveled the world so young and it lead me to my future career . My mother, if she didn’t dance there would of been no way I would of gotten into that world.

Did your mom’s love of dance influence you to become the artist you are today?

Yes. You always want to be just like your mom ! The crazy thing is she was never a professional ballet dancer. So that was something I wanted to do and both of my parents were very supportive.

What inspires you?

Rescuing animals and finding them homes. Giving them affection and spreading the word to ADOPT!

How do you define beauty?

Beauty is how you feel on the inside. That is what shows on the ourside. If you’re not happy your beauty isn’t showing.

What would we find in your makeup bag?

Mascara, lotion, lip glossand powder.

What is one thing nobody knows about you?

I wish I could go back to school to become a Veterinarian.

What made you want to do the show “Hollywood Exes”?

The cast, plus the purpose of the show is positive and all about love.

Are you and your ex (musician Prince) still friends?

Well, we don’t send each other emails. I’ll leave it at that.

What advice can you give all the women out there who have an “ex”?

Learn from it. Embrace what was. Sooner or later a smile will come back on your face. It feels like a failure but if you grow from it then it’s not a failure and always remember to hang out with your girls!

Finish this sentence:

Happiness to me is: Love, family , health and laughter!

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