Meals Made Easy in NYC with mademeals

Busy professionals can now eat more mindful meals with Made Meals. Meals are delivered fully prepared using locally-sourced, organic, and humanely-raised ingredients.

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mademeals CEO & founder Jesse McBride says, “We are building a business to help make an impact on our local community in the greater NYC area – from supporting local farms that use sustainable and humane practices, to feeding those most in need. We offer New Yorkers the ability to lead healthier lives through eating high quality foods, while simultaneously making a positive impact in their community and then environment as a whole.”

In addition to helping people eat more mindfully, mademeals’ goal is to “build a zero waste food operation that supports sustainable and humane farming practices, ultimately moving us away from corporate factory farming and helping to reverse climate change.”

mademeals has adapted to the ever changing pandemic world we are living in. “As soon as COVID hit, I knew we would have an essential role in helping our healthcare workers and first responders. We raised money and donated over 5,000 meals to first responders. Once the first wave slowed down, and first responders were no longer overwhelmed, we knew there would still be many people in need. So we got involved with the newly launched Hudson County Hunger Project – which is banding restaurants together to help feed elderly and disabled individuals who are dealing with food insecurity,” Jesse adds.

mademeals is continuously growing their business by hiring people who are out of work due to COVID, and expanding their deliveries to more business professionals across the city, and still continuing to give back to their communities.

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