Meet Activist + Actress, Kausar Mohammed

Meet the multifaceted, extremely talented, and influential activist and actor, Kausar Mohammed from the hit CW series, THE FLASH and NETFLIX’s hit animated series, JURASSIC WORLD: CAMP CRETACEOUS. Kausar is playing Dr. Meena Dhawan a.k.a “FAST TRACK” on THE FLASH.  Her character, described as a titan in the scientific community, “Fast Track” leaves a balance for a lot of scientific experimentation, but she has a moral compass. She then realizes that she has a gift of power, super-speed to all humankind. Kausar is pulling double time on TV, on July 21st she returns as “Yaz,” one of the fan favorite lead animated characters in Dreamworks/Amblin’s hit show, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. An animated science fiction, action adventure of a group of teenage campers who become stranded on Isla Dublar, when multiple dinosaurs escape their habitats. The series also stars Sean Giambrone, Jenna Ortega, Ryan Potter, to name a few.

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Kausar who wrote and starred in the holiday romantic comedy, The Syed Family XMAS Even Game Night, premiered at the 2021 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). The short film follows “Noor,” a Queer Pakistani Muslim woman who brings her Puerto Rican girlfriend home from for the first time on the family’s annual game night, which happens to fall on Christmas Eve. All cards are on the table when Noor’s eldest sister unexpectedly shows up, sending the night into chaos and putting all their relationships to the test. The short film explores themes of sisterhood, belonging, and breaking the rules of tradition. This short is a landmark for Muslim women and non-binary people in the film industry, as they are missing in popular film. They created THE SYED FAMILY XMAS EVE GAME NIGHT as a romantic comedy to normalize their identities on screen and to portray the importance of joy in their experiences, something that is so needed during these times.

Kausar, who is a co-founder of the organization, SHIFT, a racial and gender equity consulting group created by women of color, started in 2017, in the height of the #metoo movement. These women were craving a space for their communities and workplaces to engage in honest dialogue and community accountability and as Women of Color, survivors, and educators. It is imperative that they center and elevate the work from people in the BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and Disabled communities. SHIFT is a space where Kausar hopes to support their clients in building tools to create institutional, sustainable, and transformative change — but also a space to engage in radical re-imagining. SHIFT strive to create a company that is centered on infinite possibilities, care, studentship, accountability, and true relationship and community building and wants to center the most impact with these conversations within workshops in various corporations, universities, and organizations around not only the above, but topics of micro-aggressions, to white supremacy culture and consent.

Kausar also worked and wrote a handful of other digital projects, but most recognizable from standout performances in 2018’s Paul Feigs mini-series Dramedy, East of La Brea, as Farha Munshi. She is also playing, Rakhi in Coffee Shop Names, which is currently streaming on HBO Max. She is also involved in the all-South Asian sketch Comedy Troupe, The Get Brown.  Other credits include, What Men Want (Paramount), Little (Universal), Silicon Valley (HBO), Carol’s Second Act (CBS) and many more!

About Kausar

Kausar, a South Asian writer, actress and comedian born to parents of Bengali/Pakistani-American descent was born in San Jose, California. She knew at a young age that she wanted to get into the entertainment industry. She loved being goofy and making silly videos with her friends, she still does!  Kausar would even go into public spaces, a grocery store or department store, even on the sidewalk and sing as loud as she could just to have an audience. She then grew into theater and TV hosting gigs. Kausar, who is a graduate of UCLA and a member of the UCLA Spring Sing Company and California’s Census Campaign as a Digital Ambassador loves to give back in where she started from.

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