Meet Adaire Byerly: Founder/CEO of Entertainment Mindframe

Adaire Byerly is the Founder/CEO of Entertainment Mindframe, an innovative new company dedicated to repairing workplace issues within the Fashion and Entertainment Industry. The young executive has worked with talent agencies, fashion/creative teams, and production/broadcast companies alike, filling in the communication gaps that are often neglected prior to ones entry into the professional world. These cracks in the system can ultimately cost a company millions of dollars, so Adaire has harnessed the power of cognitive science to permanently seal them for good! Certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques, Adaire works to uncover the root of the problem, and has helped a number of businesses enhance their creativity and boost their level of efficiency as well.

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Working as an actress/model for 10 years, Adaire quickly picked up on all the flaws within the industry and made it her mission to fix them. She immediately began extensive research on the human mind, an imperative piece of the puzzle that has been long neglected, and is now a licensed practitioner in Nero-Linguistic Programming and Neuroplasticity. She is currently focusing on helping rebuild the many corporations that have been effected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Eager to learn more about Adaire and Entertainment Mindframe, BELLA connected with the CEO herself…

Can you tell me a little more about your company, Entertainment Mindframe?

Entertainment Mindframe is a third-party resource for brands and professionals in the business of Entertainment, Media or Fashion. We focus on enhancing team performance through brain science as well as creating procedures that protect the company and its employees while not limiting the creative or threaten their career. Resulting in:

·        Enhanced internal operations

·        Increased sales

·        Efficient work environment

·        Miscommunication

·        Lower office tension Elimination

·        Increased employee retention rate

·        Prevent legal repercussions

·        Expand & expedite workload capacity & turn-around times

Working in these fast-paced industries with creatives in a world that contributes to fame requires a very unique approach. Instead of looking at the outcomes, I had to go deeper and study brain sciences to learn more about creatives and the way they operate. By doing so, I was able to not only pin down the error in communication and infamous intangible issues within these industries, but find a solution for them through science.

Working in the industry as a model/actress for 10 years, what were some of the behaviors you observed that ultimately sparked your interest in research?

As far as behaviors, I noticed toxic egos, rebellious or dissociative behaviors, passive aggressiveness, push-back, gossip and power dynamics. Not to mention mental challenges such as anxiety or depression that may have been projecting into the environment as well. It is difficult for anyone, and almost impossible to properly conduct business when that dynamic becomes the norm.

The outcome of all that is the larger issue. So many people only view these industries as a platform to showcase their talent and becomes famous, and simultaneously overlook the fact that these industries are actual businesses that that effect our U.S. economy by billions of dollars. When we place it from that perspective, we begin to see why the shiny lights and status does not necessarily sustain your brand. You are a part of a much larger picture and your company has to operate as such.

Did you always have an interest in cognitive sciences before entering the Fashion and Entertainment industry?

I did. Science was always my favorite subject in school, it came easy to me because I was naturally an analytical thinker. I was always intrigued with behavior and why we do the things we do. It was not until 5 years ago I really devoted myself to learning about human behavior through analytical psychology, philosophy, and neuroscience. I also dove into Linguistics and Etymology as well. I became licensed in certain cognitive studies and built a team of PHD Neuroscientists and Psychologists that I do research with for my company. I did most of this while I was still considered a talent in the industry.

How do you plan on addressing the many workplace issues following the COVID-19 pandemic?

This pandemic has revealed the importance of so many things we took for granted before. Our mental health, ability to adapt, sense of security, communication and knowing our rights as employees or business owners. Before this, many people were just living off the systematic way of business and taking business for granted, which is a normal thing to do. However, it also proved that we have relied too heavily on things outside of us. For the first time in a long time, we have been forced into acknowledging the importance of maintaining ourselves and ensuring our life is balanced before we go out into the rest of the world.

I often say, a business can only be as good as the people are. Much like the human brain, our companies also work from the inside out. Moving forward I want companies to focus on the fragility of their employee and how valuable they truly are. Besides the restrictions and limitations that will come, I will focus on ensuring that updated policies are in place that not only protect the company and employees, but also build stronger teams and production.

How do you define success?

Success in general is to be in a state of internal peace, which is a long journey that most spend their entire lives aiming to achieve. Success specifically for me is mastering that, as well as leaving behind something others can learn from and still apply after I am gone.


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