Meet Alvie Franklin Faulkenbery, Founder of ALVIES

Several months ago, I headed to Austin for the first time. I was invited to a “Boot Party.” I’m an adventurer, but more importantly a connector.

There, I had the pleasure of meeting Alvie Franklin Faulkenbery, a 5th generation Texan and the founder of Alvies. He considers himself a practical man, who learned that the feet are the heat regulation center of the body, so he grew up as a flip-flop guy -even wearing them to his college graduation!

His love of boots however, came when he inherited 13 pairs from his grandfather, a WWII veteran and boot guy. Alvie’s grandfather built up a serious collection of beautiful, high-quality cowboy boots and from that day forward he was both a flip-flop and boot guy.

Alvie believes that everybody belongs in his boots. Only top-quality leather, handmade with 100% genuine leather produced by one the oldest and most respected bookmakers in León, Mexico is used to make Alvies.

The brand puts a fresh modern spin on the time-honored craftsmanship and traditional styling of cowboy boots, and I left in awe of his story.

Alvies are built to last, made for cowboys, city girls, accountants, surfers, Texans, techies, brewmasters, pitmasters, mosh-pitters, sports quitters, athletes, mathletes, bachelorettes, best man, ballerinas, people with two left feet, drummers, DJs, Barkeeps, campers, ranchers, outlaws, in-laws, dog people, cat people, weirdos, and dreamers.




  • Rio Grande – Rebels, rockstars, and two-stepping dancing queens will fall for the Rio Grande’s 11.75-inch heel-to-pull strap height and 14-inch circumference. Alvie’s 5As pattern which represents the five generations is carefully hand-stitched. The Rio Grande is now available in Snowpocalypse, Irish Wake and Cherry Cola.

  • Guadalupe – The Guadalupe design is the boot that started it all. Handmade with distressed leather, it ensures no two are ever the same. Created with it girl in mind, The Guadalupe is a premium 12.75-inch heel-to-pull strap boot with a 14-inch circumference. A thoughtful hand-stitched corded 5As pattern represents the five generations of Alvies. The Guadalupe is available in Dead Man’s Kiss, Anejo Nightcap and Cast Strength.

  • Trinity – The 1950s Hollywood and music era inspired the fast break-in fit of The Trinity’s sleek design. The seven-inch heel-to-pull strap boots are designed with a 13-inch shaft circumference. A side zipper for easy slip-on makes The Trinity comfortable to wear all day (or night) long. The Trinity is available in Snowpocalypse and Past Midnight colors.

  • The Rainey – a zip-up ankle boot that is the perfect combo of classic and modern, stylish and comfortable. Designed with the classic J Toe and snipped bottom sole, the Rainey is a premium 7 inch heel-to-pull strap boot with a 13-inch circumference. A thoughtful hand-stitched corded 5As pattern represents the five generations of Alvies. The Rainey is available in Marfa in the 70s, Runaway Burro, and Galway Girl colors.


You will not regret getting your feet into a pair of these fabulous boots. Learn more at and follow @Alvies on IG!

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