Meet Karina Gamez, CEO + Creative Director of NYC’S Luxury Women’s Apparel Brand, KARIGAM

Karina Gamez is the founder, CEO and Creative Director of KARIGAM, a New York City-based luxury women’s apparel brand. An international entrepreneur, Karina Gamez grew up in Venezuela contributing to every aspect of her family’s successful businesses: starting in operations and logistics, then later managing finance and personnel, where she is credited with leading the business to unprecedented growth. Karina went on to study Business Administration and Fashion Design before launching KARIGAM in the year 2015.

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Today, KARIGAM represents the pinnacle of sophisticated design using premium fabrics and materials, each piece carefully crafted to meet the requirements of a dynamic metropolitan and directional woman. Drawing inspiration from architecture, geometry, and art, Karina Gamez’s vision is intelligent, functional and refined.

BELLA asked Karina about her journey into the fashion industry + entrepreneurship…

Tell us about your journey from Venezuela to New York City and entrepreneurship. 

I studied fashion design in Venezuela and business administration which allowed me to gain knowledge of both  sides of the fashion industry. Once I completed my studies, I made the decision to move to New York City to  pursue my passion for fashion.

KARIGAM is a beautiful luxury womenswear brand. How did you get your start in fashion and design and where  do you draw your inspiration for the line? 

As a young woman I knew from a very young age I loved fashion. When it came time to choose my major in  University, I realized I was torn between architecture and fashion, for this reason I decided to join the 2 things I  loved and drew inspiration from architecture and modern, linear buildings. Just a few years later, I was in the  United States launching the KARIGAM brand.

What have you been doing to navigate the pandemic and the changing landscape of the fashion industry?

The pandemic has definitely shifted the fashion industry in a completely unique way. As fashion shifts, brands have  to learn how to shift with it. During the pandemic we’ve placed extra focus on our digital/virtual campaigns and  made sure we are able to create a deeper connection with our audience. We’ve made it our goal to create  relatable content that presents luxury wear as a more attainable concept for all women. I can definitely say this  pandemic has pushed us out of our comfort zones and allowed us to step into a new era of digital outreach we  never even believed possible!

Share with our readers some advice for aspiring female entrepreneurs and designers.

The number 1 advice I can give any aspiring female entrepreneur is to never give up and never doubt yourself. I  believe a woman’s confidence is a key factor to her success. If you believe you can, and you work hard, there is  nothing you cannot accomplish.

Where can people follow along with KARIGAM and browse the collection? 

You can find KARIGAM on Instagram + visit our website.


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