Meet NBA Dancer + Really TV Star, Diamond Jack

Meet Diamond Jack, who you may have seen dancing on the NBA Court. Former professional NBA dancer for the Chicago Bulls “Luvabulls” and the Atlanta Hawks, Diamond enjoys dance as a form of entertainment and therapy. Diamond’s latest accomplishment has been becoming a part of the cast for the #1 series on Netflix, Love Is Blind.

If you followed Diamond’s story on the show, her segment was nowhere near a bed of roses as she fell in love with a man who had failed to disclose his sexual orientation until wedding bells were almost ringing. The explosive scene went down in reality TV history as viewers watched Diamond’s very public heartbreak.

Now, the sky is limit for Diamond, whoops created a women’s empowerment jewelry line called The Lady Box. We interviewed Diamond to hear what her journey has been like and what her future holds.

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Your public breakup must have been extremely challenging for you. How did you find self love again after the painful heartbreak?

After any heartbreaks, I usually try to keep myself busy by focusing on the positive things around me. I started my own business, started working out, traveling more, and doing a lot more self care.
What were some of the obstacles you faced as a female entrepreneur and how have you overcame them?
Some of the obstacles I faced when starting my own business was fear. I had to take a leap of faith and encourage/push myself that I am enough! I can do this! If all fails, at least I know I tried.

What were some of the highs & lows of reality TV?

The high was the support from fans and other celebrities.  The low was being called “biphobic or homophobic” by other viewers, in which I am not!

I know dance is your passion. Can you tell us more about that?

Although I have not danced in years, dance will always be a part of my life. I danced and cheered my entire life, since the age of 6 years old. I cheered and danced for the NBA for 5 years. My focus has shifted to acting but I might throw a 1,2 step on my IG. 🙂

You love fashion- what inspires your personal style and how do you express yourself through your style?

My inspiration is from the old school trendy styles but also adding my own personal touch.
I’m really inspired by fashion from the 1950s. I love the classy and lady-like outfits but also adding my own sex appeal to my outfits. Recently, I have been loving African prints and adding touches to my attire.  It’s giving rich aunties vibes!

What advice would you give to young girls about empowerment?

Honestly, I would say always stand up for yourself. If something does not feel right then listen to your gut aka “women’s intuition” and never doubt yourself. Don’t follow the crowd but follow your heart and it will lead you to your happiness!


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