Meet New York City’s Top Collage Artist, Elise Margolis

Elise Margolis is a prolific artist, whose evolving style is getting both Brooklynites and Manhattanites to take notice. Margolis is no stranger to the art world. In fact, her artwork had a prominent place in the iconic 90’s show Friends. Her bold work stood visibly in the background of the popular Central Perk Cafe, where Rachel, Ross, Phoebe, Chandler, Monica and Joey all talked about life as young and attractive New Yorkers. 

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Margolis considers herself a collage artist who creates all different types of collages: paint on paper, paper on paper, and portrait collage and describes her artistic process as “making choices from infinite possibilities”.

She starts the process by cutting up paintings or searching for shapes from previous discarded collages. Then she studies and looks for the relationships between the form and color to determine how they belong, interact and connect with one another.


Margolis was inspired by an artist from the 1940’s who mixed whimsical and representational work to share his unique type of storytelling. But for her, abstract art is the way that she expresses her thoughts. “It’s what I see on the inside that challenges me.”

     Another one of Margolis’s artistic inspirations was a man by the name of Stuart Davis. She described his work like an intricate puzzle, with the various shapes all vying for their place to be noticed and seen. But Elise believes her work is more about finding solutions and “making order out of chaos”.

Whether Elise Margolis is tinkering with shapes to answer esoteric questions or to create aesthetic designs, she says her ultimate goal is to create pieces that are “visually interesting and thought provoking”, which she absolutely achieves with flying colors.


    Margolis will be having a couple of shows in July where she will be debuting her recent abstract collage series titled, “Connections”.

If you want to give yourself a visual treat, you won’t want to miss her two upcoming shows.

This Saturday July 9th she will be part of a group showing called Vitamin C at the Rabbithole Studios in Brooklyn, New York from 7:00 -10:00. One Night Only.

From July 12 to the 26th she will be part of the Brooklyn Collage Collective called Cut & Taste at Chinatown Soup on Orchard Street in New York City, sponsored by Troegs Berwery.


  For more info about Elise Margolis and her exquisite art work you can go to:

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