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Meet Rachel Fisher and Nikki Motto, Co-Founders of The Instagram Sensation, @nyceeeeeats


The two socially-savvy students created the account almost five years ago, the summer after their freshmen year at Binghamton University. What began as a way to share their love of food with others, soon exploded into a mouth-watering medley of the most delectable places to dine in New York City. “Back in 2014, there was only a very small handful of food accounts like ours and we had little expectation that it would blow up this much.  We started out posting our original content from some of our favorite eateries and before our eyes we started gaining momentum and a fan base,” says the duo. Before they knew it, their account began to grow, accumulating almost 400,000 followers. Today, these ladies have graduated from Binghamton University and say they are living their best lives in NYC.  

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Perhaps the most exciting part about this newfound fame, nyceeeeeats is the epitome of a side hustle for the pair. Rachel works full-time at an advertising agency and Nikki is a full-time student, studying to become a surgeon. “We put our full-time roles first, but never stop committing to the responsibilities of running this account wholeheartedly.  We dedicate our time and energy to work closely with clients to promote their restaurants and businesses.  As we continue to grow our following, this allows us to expand our business as well.  We’ve worked with some of the greatest restaurants, bakeries, and businesses in NYC and beyond, and use our platform to promote their products and services,” says Nikki. And, with nearly 400,000 followers, it’s obvious that nyceeeeeats is an excellent outlet for promoting the best of the best.

That is not to say that Rachel and Nikki didn’t have to overcome a few obstacles on their journey to social media success. “We’ve had people try and tear us down (telling us over and over that there is no way to naturally gain 400,000 followers and that we must have bought our followers), but each time we bounce back, better than ever. We are proud female entrepreneurs and continue to run this account with pride and integrity. We started something out of nothing, and it’s a surreal feeling knowing that almost 400,000 unique individuals rely on us to provide premium content and recommendations,” the team explains. Rachel and Nikki designate their clients’ happiness, and satisfaction with the content, to be of the utmost importance to them.  And, it’s not just restaurateurs and foodies following the twosome and they made sure to let us know how thankful they are for their celeb fans as well.  Among the amazing talents and influencers that can’t get enough of nyceeeeeats, you can find Bella Hadid (23.1 M followers), Michelle Trachtenberg (451 K followers), Ryan Eggold (190 K followers) and Sza (5.6 M followers).  Rachel says, “having these huge names engaging with our pics is remarkable (especially when you think back to how and why we started this account.)”

It is no secret that the ladies behind the mouthwatering photos have dined in some of the most delicious restaurants, stayed in some of the most exquisite and elite hotels, and have established a large network of successful restaurateurs and business owners. Ready to eat your way through the streets of NYC, one pizzeria at a time? Check out some of their favorite spots below:

·        Takeout pizza: Marinara Pizza

·        Sit down pizza: Emily, Joe and Pats

·        Italian: Da Nico, Elios

·        Acai Bowls: Loco Coco

·        Pasta: Aunt Jakes

·        Chinese: Pig Heaven

·        Donuts: Sugar and Water

·        Bagels: Zuckers, Black seed, Bagelworks

·        Mexican: La Esquina, Street Taco, Calexico

·        Brunch: Bubby’s, EJ’s Luncheonette, The Grey Dog

·        Cookies: Chip NYC, City Cakes, Big Fat Cookie

·        Mediterranean: Shuka and Barbounia

Rachel’s favorite things to post: anything super cheesy and ice cream

Nikki’s favorite things to post: pesto pasta and desserts with oozing chocolate

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