Meet, Samantha Kirsch, The Bold Millennial Who Decided to Professionally Switch Things up During a Global Pandemic.

By Dr. Robi Ludwig

Meet Samantha Kirsch, an ambitious millennial who decided, against all the odds, to make a gigantic professional leap, during one of New York City’s most financially precarious times. After several years of working in NYC’s fashion industry, Samantha decided to follow her passion and make a pivot into the real estate world. And she has never looked back.

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Following her 5 years of apprenticeships with the city’s top luxury residential sales brokers and real estate developers, Samantha was finally ready to settle into her dream job with the Douglas Elliman Organization. And she could not be more excited to roll up her sleeves, get to work and meet her future clients and their needs.

I recently sat down with Samantha Kirsch to discuss her inspiration, her new career choice and to find out what motivated her to be so bold during a global pandemic.


Samantha, you came from the NYC fashion industry. What made you interested in becoming a New York City realtor? 

Becoming a New York City realtor was always in the back of my mind. I have many friends who have been in the industry for several years who were encouraging me to get into Real Estate. After 5 years in the fashion industry, it became apparent to me that many of the skills that I learned and applied in that industry would seamlessly translate to luxury real estate sales. Spotting design trends became second nature to me, and this helps tremendously in the NYC real estate market as well. So, I decided to take the plunge!

You made this pivot during a global pandemic. This is a bold move. Were you nervous about making this big leap now?

There are risks associated with any career change regardless of the time. The pandemic certainly presented additional challenges. However, the timing for me was motivated more by my own conviction than outside circumstances. Truth be told, there is never the perfect time for change, you just must have confidence in yourself.

What is it about the New York City Real Estate Market that intrigued you?

New York City is unlike any other place in the world, and its real estate market is equally unique. In good times and bad times, transactions still take place, and a good broker adjusts to the trends of the market. Neighborhoods are diverse, even as they are near one other. I can be showing a townhouse in Soho one hour, and a high-rise condominium in Tribeca literally the next. I love that. Certainly, there was an exodus of people caused by the Pandemic, but you can be SURE that was only temporary due to the dynamics that only New York City offers.

There have been some claims that “New York City is dead,” any truth to this statement?

Sure, there are much fewer people coming into the city every day due to work from home mandates and social distancing requirements limiting restaurant, bars, and other places of social gatherings. Others even prefer to wait out the Pandemic in the suburbs rather than a metropolitan area.  However, in my opinion this is short term, and forward-thinking people understand that this period of time creates opportunities to rent and buy residences at favorable prices. They will be in a great position post pandemic.

Does it make sense to rent or buy in today’s market? 

BOTH!! Opportunities are everywhere in rentals and in purchases. Today’s market is fertile for real estate transactions throughout New York City.

What real estate trends are you seeing in 2021?

People want more square footage in their residences to accommodate families, work from home, and more time spent indoors. Outdoor amenities such as patios, terraces, and courtyards are also trending. The fact is that the current market offers buyers and renters opportunities to secure these places that they would otherwise not be able to afford.

When do you think the real estate will bounce back?

My team (The Chestler Jacobs Team) at Douglas Elliman is busier than EVER before, closing both sales and rental transactions at a rapid pace. So, in that respect, real estate has already bounced back. New York City is always the trend setter, so it is among the first places to rebound the fastest. History always repeats itself.

What is something you have learned since working with Douglass Elliman Real Estate?

I have learned that Douglas Elliman employs some of the smartest people in the industry. It supports their agents with tools such as industry leading technology, market research and analysis, and an incredibly collaborative business model.

Where can people find you if they want to learn more about you and your services?

 On the Chestler Jacobs Team page on the Douglas Elliman Website by email, + by phone, 201-956-7005.


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