Meet Stella Stephanopoulos: One Gen Z-er who is using her platform to spread joy and mental well-being one podcast at a time.

By Dr. Robi Ludwig

Stella Stephanopoulos is ambitious, on a mission and one gen z-er you want to keep an eye out for. As the host and creator of the popular podcast Everyday Endorphins

Stella created her show to help her develop a greater understanding about the nuances of healthy living. She uses her platform to interview an eclectic group of doctors, artists, and athletes, entrepreneurs and more to discuss topics like Revisiting Our Relationship to Alcohol, The Power of Building a Community and Dream Psychology, just to name a few.

Everyday Endorphins, was originally inspired by Stella’s high school Instagram account, which she designed to keep track of all things healthy. When she realized there was a generational void in the marketplace for these topics, she went on a personal quest to create a space where her audience and followers alike, could learn how to increase their chances of experiencing happy endorphins.

Stella’s podcast focuses on finding joy and the delight in everyday living. She wants her show to motivate listeners, both young and older, to take control of their lives, by finding what makes them feel like their most positive and optimistic selves.

Since launching the show, the podcast is used to promote episodes, live events and other types of content related to happiness and wellbeing

And I would be remiss if I did not tell you this fun fact. Stella is not the only one in her family to have charismatic communication skills. Her cousin is George Stephanopoulos, the popular anchor of Good Morning America fame. Let’s face it, it always helps to have good family genes.

I had the lovely opportunity to sit down with Stella and learn more about the Everyday Endorphins Podcast and her desire to enlighten her generation and beyond, about the importance of learning and striving to have a great life.

You started Everyday Endorphins as an Instagram account while in high school. What inspired the concept, and eventually, the inception of the podcast?

I created the Everyday Endorphins Instagram account to document my experience as a high school student athlete being a competitive rower. At the time, I saw health as something largely food / fitness driven, but once I stopped rowing in college, my perspective of health and wellness greatly changed. I noticed how easy it is to feel powerless when it comes to taking care of ourselves, and how often, it can feel like we need to check all the right boxes to “Be healthy.” As I developed a greater understanding of the nuances to healthy living, I wanted to create a platform, separate from the Instagram, to discuss these topics in a relatable, educational, and entertaining way for young adults. Hence, the Everyday Endorphins podcast was born. Since launching the show, her podcast is used to promote episodes, live events, and other types of content related to happiness and wellbeing.

What does “Everyday Endorphins” discuss, and how do your passions for health and wellness permeate through your show?

Everyday Endorphins is about finding things that bring joy and happiness in day-to-day life. I have had a variety of guests on the show, from entrepreneurs and musicians to athletes and doctors, and the overarching theme is focused on how my guests define what it means to be healthy and happy, and what brings them endorphins. The types of people I have interviewed, as well as the topics discussed, are broadly influenced by my own firsthand experiences with health/wellness, as well as my undergraduate studies in Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology. Pursuing that major not only broadened my understanding of health, but was also the catalyst for thinking about health through the lens of purposeful living.

What are some great lessons you have learned from your guests regarding staying healthy and happy? 

Health is nuanced and is not a one size fits all. Living a healthy lifestyle is practiced through moderation and true balance, and the ability to maximize your happiness and wellbeing often is derived from placing your attention to the little moments in life.

What is the biggest piece of advice you want guests to take away from the show?

That you have the power to bring greater happiness into your life, no matter the state of your mental health. Life is inherently challenging, so it is imperative to focus on finding things that strengthen our resilience and bring us joy.

You also host a variety of wellness events / live podcasts throughout New York City, partnering with Alo Yoga for your most recent one. Why is it important for you to bring the Everyday Endorphins community together, and how can people stay up to date with future events?

People are craving in person connection now more than ever, and something I have found to be incredibly rewarding is to create a space where Everyday Endorphins can come to life. My goal with these events is to give my community a space to boost their endorphins through building connection while doing some sort of activity (be it yoga, dancing, dinner parties, etc.) and to be a part of a live discussion on topics related to mental health and happiness. I recently partnered with Alo Yoga for a rooftop yoga and live podcast interview event, where myself and Amina Taha chatted about the endorphins in practicing yoga, and how to translate lessons of yoga off the mat. I was impressed by seeing the power in bringing this conversation to a live audience. For updates on future events, feel free to follow along on Instagram.

What is something that brings you endorphins?

A few things; when my heels can effortlessly reach the mat in downward facing dog, losing track of time in deep conversation, perfectly knowing the lyrics to a song I have not listened to in years and eating dark chocolate.

Where can people find you and your podcast?

People can find me @stellastephanopulos or @everyday_endorphins

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Look forward to having more people join and be a part of our community.

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