Meet Stephanie Valentine aka TikTok Star Glamzilla

Turning your passion into a profession and finding joy in your work every day is something many people dream of. Glamzilla, aka Stephanie Valentine has made this dream reality. Over the past few years, the makeup artist gained over 1.6 M followers on TikTok by sharing her love for beauty with her viewers.

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On her channel, Glamzilla creates product reviews and makeup hacks for her community. Her followers appreciate her unedited, unfiltered content and love her for being authentic and real. As a proud member of the Hispanic and Filipino communities, Stephanie hopes to be a champion for AAPI voices and make the beauty industry a positive and safe space for all. After partnering with well-known brands like Sephora, Glamzilla recently teamed up with Colgate to create her Signature Glamzilla Colgate Optic White Pro Series Look with the Colgate Optic White Pro Series toothpaste.

Start by sharing with our readers how you developed your love for beauty and turned it into an online movement.

My love for beauty started with makeup, it was a way for me to express myself and make myself feel good. Makeup has always been part of my self-care routine along with oral care, hair, and skin! I then started online testing makeup products, experimenting with different makeup routines, and giving my honest reviews which gathered a following when I posted on social. I always get inspiration for my looks from TV, movies, people on the street, makeup artists, and other POC content creators.

What messages do you want to convey to your followers on TikTok?

I want my followers to know that I really enjoy what I do and am thankful for them. I’m proud of the content I create and being able to highlight my features, while also giving recommendations to my followers. I have fun and share my true self when I post. I share my honest reviews and share if I think certain beauty products are worth it or not. I’m so thankful for my amazing followers as they continue to uplift me and share makeup products for me to test out – I’m continuing to learn and grow from my followers.

Please share with us your go-to beauty tips for any occasion.

My go-to beauty tip is that your smile is the foundation for any look! I start my everyday routine by brushing my teeth with Colgate Optic White Pro Series. It’s the start of any look and glam routine! And if you add a vibrant red lipstick, you’ll show off that glowing smile.

Tell us about the 5 steps of creating your ‘Signature Glamzilla Colgate Optic White Pro Series Look.’

My Signature Glowy Optic White Pro Series look begins with brushing my teeth every morning with Colgate Optic White Pro Series. The toothpaste has 5% hydrogen peroxide and removes 15 years of stains in two weeks when brushing twice daily. A bright smile is key to my beauty look. Optic White Pro Series is a great way to whiten your teeth at home, especially when I use a pop of color (like my red lipstick) that adds contrast and brings out my smile even more. After, I put on foundation, mascara, and brow gel. You know I always add highlighter, especially for my Signature Glowy Optic White Pro Series Look to emphasize my smile. Last but not least, my go-to bright red lip, and I’m ready to go!

What can we expect from you in the future? Do you have any projects planned for 2023?

I‘m very excited about 2023, I’m focused on getting to know the new version of myself and continuing to pursue my passions while empowering others to do the same. Next year I hope to work with brands that focus on being inclusive, diverse and that beauty is for everyone.

Since the holidays are coming up, please share with our readers your favorite beauty products and the best beauty gifts for Christmas season.

One of my current favorite beauty products, that is also a great gift for the holidays is the Colgate Optic Overnight Teeth Whitening Pen. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer and great for people on-the-go as it can easily fit in your bag. Other beauty gifts I love are from ONE/SIZE Beauty, which is a Filipinx-owned beauty brand. One/Size is a cruelty-free makeup brand founded by makeup artist Filipino American, Patrick Starr. The brand has everything from eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyepatches, mascara, and comes in chic packaging. But what I love most about it is that it’s more than just a makeup brand. Just like its name suggests, it was created to provide makeup to everyone, no matter the age, gender, or sexuality. It’s an incredible brand mission, and as a fellow Filipina, I’m so excited to see our community making moves, putting ourselves out there, and supporting one another.


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