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Do you ever feel like your tote is too big and heavy, but your wallet is not enough by itself, a clutch is too over-the-top, and a backpack is just a no-no? You’re in luck, because AMIDAH has the perfect bag for you.

AMIDAH’s new multifunctional bag can serve as a backpack, clutch, cross-body or shoulder purse, or even a fanny pack. It is small enough that you can take it anywhere, but not too small to make it useless.

The bag comes with different styles of straps you can attach and detach with ease to transform your look in seconds.

Best of it all? No animals were harmed in the creation of this cruelty free, vegan fashion item.

The simplistic and chic purse comes in a few neutral colors and retails for $95, which could be a smart investment for everyday use.

Lisa and Jordanna Cantor are a mother-daughter duo that came up with the revolutionary design for the AMIDAH bag. BELLA sat down with them to learn how they designed their pièce de résistance.

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What inspired you to design this versatile purse? Who did you have in mind?

Lisa Cantor: I initially came up with the idea after I was so frustrated by having to try and socialize, and worry about my personal belongings, I wanted a “hands free” concept. When I searched the internet all I came across was children backpacks or the standard backpack or belt bag. I mentioned the concept I had in mind to my daughter and from there we developed our product with no actual age limit on our “market,” but to appeal to any busy, social, woman that requires a versatile, practical yet stylish purse.

Jordanna Cantor: We found that no matter what we were doing, whether running an errand, socializing, going to a lounge/bar, even traveling, that having to carry a bag is highly inconvenient! The idea one essentially cannot feel entirely free in order to carry/hold a bag is entirely inefficient. The desire to be hands free is bigger now more than ever; AMIDAH is here to cater to that. We use our hands to do almost everything, hold things, communicate, express ourselves…it seemed silly to sacrifice all of these needs when we have a great solution. The bag was designed for every woman who wants the option of beings handsfree, while still having a gorgeous purse that’s able to carry all her important belongings and keep them safe.

BELLA is a magazine with an international reach that is rooted in New York City, and similarly, the AMIDAH purse was created in Miami by British women and is expanding beyond borders. Did Miami or your homeland influence your vision for the purse?

LC: Being British, we incorporated the “industrial” side of our Manchester roots, with the sleek, modern lines of the purse and the steel “findings”.

JC: Being that we are from England, we have had the opportunity to experience living in both Europe and America, and although we can state many differences amongst these two countries what we know is that most people today are “on the go” as society has evolved into a faster pace. The AMIDAH bag is a classic design, a classic need, yet has been injected with this versatile convertible aspect that parallels the need of society today.

One standout feature of the purse is that it’s vegan and cruelty free. How important was that when you were coming up with the idea?

LC: It was actually our very first requirement on coming up with this idea. Using animal hide in our product, was and never will be an option.

JC: Having a vegan, cruelty free product was our number one priority within the creative process. We are the utmost animal lovers. We would never, ever want to sacrifice an animal’s well being for the sake of fashion or luxury. With all the advancements in fabrics and fibers today’s society, there is really no excuse to still use real leather, or fur. I will never understand it.

How is working as a mother-daughter duo? Do you have similar tastes in design or do you agree to compromise every now and then?

LC: Honestly? Its fabulous. We are already very blessed with a great relationship, and we truly do agree on everything, our ideas are always cohesive. It’s also interesting for me as a mother who prior to forming AMIDAH, was a housewife and mother for 26 years. Jordanna actually teaches me an awful lot regarding the industry which she has worked in for the last seven years. And her creativity is always inspiring and refreshing.

JC: We are honestly so alike in so many ways. We are really always on the same page when it comes to our creative ideas, decisions, even gut feelings! The other day I sent my mum about fifteen different images, without missing a beat she picked the one I loved the most immediately… it makes decision making SO much easier.

At BELLA, our motto is “beauty defined by you.” How do you define beauty?

LC: Beauty is purely from within. It is in kindness and love and compassion and honesty.

JC: Beauty is indeed defined by ourselves. I believe beauty is a feeling we get from an outside source. Beauty is an energy, even the most beautiful looking people, scenery, images are no longer beautiful if they don’t contain true soul, and a solid heart. The most authentic people I have ever met, are the most beautiful people I have ever met.

You can follow the designer duo’s brand on Instagram here.


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