Meet The Man Behind The Figure Of Hollywood’s Hottest Celebs


If you have ever found yourself in awe by a model’s heavenly figure or gawked at celebrities as they float through the red carpet, then you have probably witnessed the work of Eric the Trainer.

Trainer to celebrities galore such as Vincent Rodriguez III, Jason Dohring, Lauren Cohan, Chris Noth, Jaime Camil, Tyler Blackburn and Patrick Schwarzenegger, Eric’s approach to fitness makes him one of the most coveted coaches in Hollywood.

At an exclusive with Bella, Eric tells us Hollywood’s most envied fitness secrets, those that without him would remain closely kept, on the runway and behind the silver screen. 

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What is it about your approach to fitness that makes you the most coveted fitness trainers by celebrities?

The biggest difference is that rather than just exercising and hoping for the best, we use fitness as a tool to transform the body into an object of beauty.  By using proprietary methods (false grip, jet reps, engorge phase) and incorporating the science of change (exercise, diet, and sleep) we passionately and enthusiastically take clients on a journey from normal to extraordinary.

Why is your exercise routine so effective?

Our methods are effective because I’ve dedicated nearly 30 years of my life in search of mastering physical transformation.  I’ve studied with the greatest fitness minds the world has ever known to learn their philosophies and incorporated a modern method to achieve a peak physique in record time.

Best advices for a healthy way of living?

Do something to break a sweat every day.  Physical activity, especially as we get older, is paramount to achieving sustained health.  Certain days have big workouts, other days can be easier, but do something every day.

Summer is in full swing, which hacks would you give to someone whose beach trip is just around the corner.

If your beach trip is coming up soon, try eating a big breakfast, a medium sized lunch, and a small dinner, complete with a food curfew of 7pm.  Most people eat throughout the day in a crescendo, but if you flip that model and stack more food earlier in the day, you’ll see much better results.

What would you say are the biggest challenges people face when trying to achieve their body goals?

Many people look for quick fixes rather than committing to a change in lifestyle.  We see our jobs in two parts: first, we guide you on a journey from normal to extraordinary.  Step two: That becomes your new normal.  We keep you looking and feeling your best continuously.

What are the biggest fitness myths you hear from your clients, and which are the facts?

We hear about people drinking protein shakes to get into shape.  This may work for some, but it’s not optimal.  Trust me:  the most beautiful women and the strongest men on the planet eat real food.  Rather than using protein powders in shakes, try baking with it instead. We use Quest protein powder in banana bread that turns dessert into a muscle building snack.  Be creative in the kitchen!

There is a lot of conversations surrounding this topic, in your expert opinion, is it possible to achieve your body goal on a plant-based diet?

You can achieve an incredible physique on a plant-based diet.  I recently helped Phil Collen, lead guitarist of the band Def Leppard, capture an amazing body on a purely vegan diet.  This is a guy who at 61 years old plays shirtless in front of 50,000 people each night.  His body motivates and inspires his fans around the world.  And as you can imagine, there is no room for error at that level.

Finally, at BELLA, we believe that beauty is defined by each. What does beauty mean to you, and how do you find it?

Having grown up on a farm in rural Maine, I learned from an early age to seek the beauty within a person rather than just seeing their outward shell.  And now as a fitness professional living in Hollywood, I spent my days making the outside match the beauty I see inside each client.


Photo credits: Derek McCoy/Quest Nutrition


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