Megan Wang’s Inspiration for Her 100% Authentic Korean Skincare Line


We sat down with Megan Wang, founder of Skin & Seoul Beauty, to talk about the inspiration for her brand. With influence from Korean beauty culture, Wang encompassed everything she learned about skincare into a line of plant base products. Through talking with her, we got to learn all about how Skin & Seoul Beauty came to be and why it’s a necessary addition to our daily skincare routine.

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How did you come up with the name Skin & Seoul Beauty?

Seoul, South Korea is the beauty capital of the world and skincare is a top priority in the Korean Beauty culture. My store carries skincare brands and products that are popular amongst the people in Seoul that I specifically curated myself.

Therefore, I came up with the name Skin & Seoul Beauty. It is meant to be the forefront of Korean Beauty and destination for everyone’s skincare needs.

Has beauty and skincare always been an interest to you? Where did you start when it came to creating this line?

My love for beauty & skincare developed when my two worlds of passion collided, science and art. With a B.S. in Chemistry, I became so fascinated in the chemical compounds in the skin and the nutrients it needs to function as a healthy organ. As I dove into the world of beauty as a makeup artist, I realized that skincare was key. Your skin is the foundation, and makeup is only an accessory.

I began experimenting with different skincare brands and came across Korean Beauty products and became hooked. The Korean Beauty culture and I shared the same philosophy about skin: to keep it healthy. There were so many brands from South Korea that were unknown to the western world. I travelled to Seoul to do my research and came back with a new found knowledge to share.

This is a plant-based skincare brand. Can you tell us a bit about the ingredients you use?

All of the ingredients in the brands that we carry are natural for the skin. They come from plants, grains, herbs, and fruits from the Korean culture, such as green tea, apples, rice, aloe, ginseng, and orchid flowers, etc. Another key K-beauty ingredient found in most products is snail mucin, which helps with anti-aging, scarring, and evening out your skin tone. These products are also made from the natural chemical compounds of the skin like hyaluronic acid, collagen, BHA’s and AHA’s.

How do you include the Korean beauty culture in your products?

Korean Beauty is all about keeping your skin healthy. In that culture, your skin is treated as a top priority. For example, you work out, eat nutritional foods, and get enough sleep to keep your body healthy. They believe in this same concept when it comes to caring for your skin. This is why Koreans developed the 10 step skincare routine.

What do you think makes Korean skincare/beauty so different to everything else?

Korean skincare is all about the routine behind the products. Healthy skin is not maintained just by cleansing. Koreans believe in using products that also provide nutrients to the skin.

The 10 step routine for Korean skincare includes an oil cleanser, foam cleanser, exfoliator, toner, essence, serum/ampoule, sheet mask, eye cream, moisturizer, and sunscreen.

Here at BELLA our tagline is Beauty Defined by You. How would you define beauty?

I see beauty is as individuality and an experience with yourself. When you know what to do with what you have to offer, you start seeing the beauty in yourself and also start appreciating the beauty in others.

Where can BELLA readers buy your products?

We are a Los Angeles-based online e-commerce store. BELLA readers can buy our products on

Follow Megan here: @meganliwang and Skin & Seoul Beauty here: @skinseoulbeauty

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