Model Hunter McGrady Releases Size Inclusive Clothing Line: All Worthy

Model and body positive activist Hunter McGrady is absolutely dominating 2020! Not only will she grace the pages of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue for the fourth year in a row, but she has made fashion history by creating her very own line of size-inclusive clothing, All Worthy.

All Worthy is McGrady’s fabulous new fashion collaboration with the infamous QVC. The collection was released on April 22nd, and features a wide variety of sophisticated styles in an assortment of charming colors and prints. In addition to the many eye catching designs, All Worthy is particularly celebrated for its comprehensive size range. Each piece in the collection is available in sizes 0-36 (XXS-5X), and maintains the same cut and style across the board.

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As an advocate for the body positive community, McGrady has received an overabundance of gratitude from a number of men and women around the world. After hearing hundreds of stories from individuals with an unhealthy body image and how deeply it had affected their lives, the model decided to create the #AllWorthy campaign as a way to encourage followers to not only recognize their self worth, but to value it as well. Featured in Brides Magazine and printed on the cover of The Knot, the blonde beauty also serves as an inspiration to brides everywhere, teaching them how to feel both fearless and flawless on one of the most memorable days of their lives.

Eager to learn more about the model and her brand new clothing line, BELLA connected with Hunter McGrady herself…

What inspired you to create your clothing line, All Worthy?

I have always had a passion for fashion but didn’t know exactly how I wanted to start! So when QVC came to me I was ecstatic to do this with them. I am so proud of our sizing as it is inclusive. We offer sizes from 0-36 XXS-5X!  

 How would you describe the overall vibe of the collection? 

It really has something for every woman. I always get asked ‘what is your style’ and to that I always answer, ‘ever-changing.’ One day I will be in leather leggings and a leather jacket with a ripped band tee, and the next in a maxi floral dress! I kept that in mind when creating this collection! I wanted to cater to my stay at home moms, my babes who are on the go, and women who work in an office and need an epic power suit!

 Do you have a favorite piece within the collection? Why that piece? 

They are all my favorite but I really love our dresses! It was always so hard for me to find dresses that fit in all the right places and made me feel wonderful! So I took matters into my own hands and made them!

 What advice would you give to someone looking to pursue a career in the modeling industry?

I always say go for it! If it is a dream of yours, then pursue it and don’t give up. There is definitely a lot of rejection, but through that is where I have gained so much of my strength today! Also, look at agencies and where they are having their open casting calls. Most agencies always have them during the week. 

 You have recently partnered with the JED Foundation, can you tell me a little more about your experience as a spokesperson?

Yes! I have been working with JED for about two years now. I found them after being invited to a gala of theirs and was just so enamored with their incredible work. I am such a big advocate for mental health and they have done such a lovely job bringing that to the forefront and changing the stigma behind it and normalizing it. 

 What do you hope your followers take away from the #AllWorthy campaign?

I hope that each woman who puts any of my garments on feels beautiful and confident and so comfortable in her skin. I made this line with that in mind. It’s important to remember our worth is not defined by anything other than you being completely and authentically yourself.  

 How do you define beauty?

Beauty is boundless. I used to think beauty meant strictly physical, but along my self love journey I realized that beauty is when you have a good soul. Beauty is offered in so many unique and powerful ways. 


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