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Modern Twist on an Iconic 80’s Hairstyle

By Jenn Michelle Capella

And just like that, hair crimping is back, and I am here for it! The 80’s trend is hot this season, and of course, we’re putting a modern BELLA twist on it.

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If you’re bored with the same barrel curls and blow dry, it’s time to try something new and fun. You’ll be surprised what a good modern crimp can do for your hair. Add dimension, along with fun, sexy, and chic style to your hair with some hair crimping 2.0!

Crimped hair looks great on all hair colors and lengths. My favorite this season is applying the S-shaped wave to the crimp. Made with a wide barrel waver/crimper, this look will leave your hair looking beachy, fun, and flirty. And if you want more volume, that’s easy… add some Got2B Tousle Spray for a messier, yet chic look. This one’s perfect for a daytime event, lounging around, or the hottest date night. You can even spice up your pony with crimping 2.0! Whether you’re wearing a high ponytail or low, a little teasing and some crimping to the back and front pieces will really spice up your look.

This season, have fun with your hair—let it be messy and trendy, and/or add some volume. When you know your hair looks good, you’ll feel good!


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