mo’mugi’s Barley Tea brings Japanese Culture to North America

Japan’s favorite drink is now easily available in the United States and across North America, thanks to Canadian sisters Janice Ishizaka and Cilla Watkins! mo’mugi is a barley tea and has been enjoyed across Asia for the last 500 years, and is now available closer to home.

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What makes barley tea so special? It is refreshing, 100% natural, and scientifically proven to hydrate better than water!

“I first heard about it when I was teaching English in Japan after college. All my Japanese coworkers were calm and collected and I was frazzled out of caffeine the whole day. I soon discovered their secret: they were drinking quarts of cold mugicha practically nonstop, like water. I tried it and loved it immediately because it wasn’t sweet, no jitters, but tasted so roasty and refreshing,” says Cilla.

A 20-teabag pouch of mo’mugi is available on Amazon ($15) and you can find them on social @canadianbarleyteacompany!


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