More Than A Mask, THROW NYC Is The Latest, Sustainable “Must-Have” Fashion Accessory

THROW NYC’s scarves are extremely versatile and can be worn in a variety of ways. From a vibrant and colorful head or neck scarf, to a trendier take on the mandatory face covering, the THROW NYC collection will have you looking classier than ever.

 “More Than Just A Throw Away, The Ultimate Sustainable Mask Worn Five Ways”


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Fashion has changed exponentially throughout the global pandemic, as face masks have become a requirement in your daily wardrobe. With this being said, THROW NYC is leading the industry, with a focus on making face masks that will stylishly compliment any outfit. How, you ask? THOW NYC has curated a line of masks and scarves that can be worn in five different ways:

  1. Head Scarf
  2. Face Covering
  3. Classy Scarf
  4. Business Casual Accessory
  5. On the go piece

Fashion statement aside, THROW NYC also concentrates on up-cycling, rather than recycling. The difference is, recycling generally goes more downstream – think designer jeans recycled into insulation, or elegant writing paper turned into egg cartons. Whereas up-cycling breathes fresh (and even better) life into the material, while preserving its integrity – think excess designer silk woven into a silk pillowcases, or vinyl banners repurposed into hip handbags.

“At THROW there is no away, only up-cycling, transformation and repurposing with passion.”

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