Move Your Body: Does Your Beauty Routine Include Exercise?

We try to do all the right things to boost our beauty. We use seasonal cleansers, toners, serums, treatments, masks, and try all the new trends to keep our skin healthy and looking vibrant.

I would say that most of us will try almost anything just in the name of beauty. We also spend a lot of time and money on such routines and rituals.

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I have one beauty tip you may not have considered before—working out. Indeed, exercise is key to looking great!

We know that a regular routine of working out aids in lowering cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke, and even some cancers. We also know how good it is for our heart, brain, and our muscles. However, we often overlook the intrinsic need our largest organ—our skin—has for getting the blood flowing.

Blood, Sweat, and Health

Maybe you’re thinking you resemble a red lobster and feel like a sweaty mess after working out, so how can that be good for your skin? It actually is for most of us, depending on skin type and the temperature of the environment you’re working out in. It’s always important to discuss your lifestyle choices with your doctor and dermatologist so they know how to best address any questions or concerns you may have.

You know that good feeling you have after you finish a workout? You’re happy, excited, and feel accomplished. Your skin feels that way too.

Blood flow is a key element of working out and it’s just what your skin needs. Blood is pumping oxygen and nutrients throughout your body, which becomes that glow you can see. Even if your workout is a lower intensity one like a walk, it’s still beneficial to the skin. This blood flow helps work toxins out of your body through sweat. Toxins can be from different things like the foods we eat or what we drink, and the best way to work them out of our bodies is by sweating them out.

Sweating opens the pores of the skin to help detoxify. It’s best if you wear no makeup or minimal makeup when working out and to cleanse and hydrate the skin after you wrap up your gym session. If your workout is outside, never forget to wear sunscreen, but also make sure to wash away the sweat-sunscreen combination with a good cleanser. Clogged pores can appear if you don’t wash away the impurities right away.

Movement and Mindfulness

Exercise releases stress, and stress plays a big part in inflammation in the body, which cascades to many other facets of our lives. Stress can also cause lack of sleep, and we know how drained our skin looks after a not-so-great night of tossing and turning. Those who follow a regular workout schedule, no matter what that entails, have been shown to get a better night’s sleep than those who don’t. When you have less stress in your life, you tend to have less inflammation and sleep better and it all shows up on your skin. Often our skin tells us what is happening internally.

Yoga and mindfulness practices have also been said to help. A study published in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine shared that the practice can help psoriasis symptoms and aid in wound healing. For decades, people have been able to lower stress and calm the mind through mindfulness practices of all kinds. These tools in our toolbox can aid us in so many ways to healing.

Our bodies and minds are never not speaking to one another. When we move our bodies, we feel good; when we feel good and treat our bodies well, we look good. The more we move, the better our circulation, and that circulation keeps our bodies and skin healthy.

If you can’t exercise hard, that’s alright. Moving your body gradually throughout the day does wonders for that blood flow and the skin. We can’t rewind the clock, nor should we want to. What we can do is keep our largest organ, our skin, happiest by doing things we enjoy. And be sure to keep trying new things that make you move more. The more we move, the better we feel.


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