Nea Simone Taking The NFT World By Storm

Entrepreneur, Entertainment Marketing Executive, and NYT best-selling author, Nea Simone has made her mark all over the business world. She continues to be a major success as Co-Founder of NFT AtlantaCon and the Founder and CEO of Melanated NFT Gallery. Her company is the first black, women-owned technology services corporation in the Metaverse and NFT industries. 

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In 2017, Nea produced a process to assist in preventing the theft of work owned by independent creatives. Her development makes records easily traceable and reduces the risk of piracy and fraud of people’s assets. As Nea’s white paper prospered, she felt the next step in her career would be to enter into the NFT space. With her gained knowledge, she launched Melanated NFT Gallery with the goal of becoming a main source for global sellers and collectors.

As a woman with early involvement in the realm of cryptocurrency, Nea is a visionary with two decades of experience under her belt that she utilizes as a specialist in multimedia collections of cultural history. With the title of being the first black female operating business in this field, Nea works to provide tech and creative aid to global clients and NFT collectors. She also aims to give creators from the international Afro-Latinx and African exodus who have repeatedly been exploited throughout history the outlet to share and monetize their work. With Nea’s hard work, Melanated NFT Gallery has successfully created a space for the sale, auction and purchasing of art for talent all over the world!

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