New Author, Holly Daniels Christensen, Releases Debut Book, “Happiness Comes in Waves: Life Lessons from the Ocean”

Entrepreneur, jewelry designer, travel lover, and new author, Holly Daniels Christensen, will release her debut book, “Happiness Comes in Waves: Life Lessons from the Ocean” this coming April. Holly has propelled her business, Dune Jewelry & Co., from a passion project started at her own kitchen table to a worldwide brand over the past 11 years. From experiential, handmade jewelry, to home accents, candles and more, Holly has now designed a spot for herself in the editorial world, making her official debut as an author.

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“Happiness Comes in Waves” is filled with inspiring stories and quotations from empowered and influential women around the globe, and each chapter is dedicated to a theme of lessons for living your most fulfilling life. A perfect coffee table or nightstand book, the pages also feature beautiful ocean photography and a glimpse of Dune Jewelry’s one-of-a-kind “Sandbank.”

Whether it’s courage, purpose, peace, or harmony, Holly’s work offers words of wisdom to carry with you everywhere you go. An ideal gift for ocean lovers, motivation seekers, and aspiring entrepreneurs alike, this book encourages the exploration of brave new shores for a life full of intention and courage.

BELLA dove a little deeper with Holly to learn about her inspiration for the new book…

Already a successful entrepreneur, what inspired you to become an author?

This book is truly a collaboration. It includes life lessons I’ve learned from the ocean, sand stories from Dune Jewelry customers and team members, plus quotes from my friends, family, and colleagues—all of the incredible women I’ve been lucky enough to connect with throughout my lifetime. The ocean is eternal, it’s powerful, and it’s the life force of our planet. Not only does it sustain us, but it brings so much joy and peace to billions of people around the world every day. I’m inspired by women, and this book celebrates not only the ocean, but also women around the world—our power, our beauty, and the connection we have to Mother Earth.

Between a thriving business and being a wife and mother, where did find the grace and strength to take on such a momentous new venture?

As a first-time author I began the process as if it were a school assignment and the first round was very stiff and fact-driven. But I knew it wasn’t working. Luckily, I’m blessed with a very supportive husband and he told me to get away and visit the ocean so I could have more time and focus to work for a few days. I took a backpack and invited one of my team members, Danielle, to bounce ideas off, and it became this collaborative conversation that really allowed my ideas to flow. Then I incorporated the help of my team to connect with all of the women in my life to see if they wanted to contribute to the project. I received so much support and enthusiasm from all of the contributors that it really pushed me forward in the process. The energy behind this book is palpable.

Tell us what we can expect from the book. What is the impact you’d like to leave on your readers?

“Happiness Comes in Waves” is filled with empowering quotes from women around the world alongside chapters such as “Be Light” and “Be Soulful,” which hold lessons I’ve learned from the ocean throughout my lifetime. The photography is a visual delight that will make you want to book a beachside adventure today! One of my best friends from childhood, Samantha Robshaw, contributed many of the photos that you see in the book, which makes it even that much more special.

How did you go about choosing your contributors and then deciding on the perfect quotes to complement the book?

Over the past 11 years as the founder of Dune Jewelry, I’ve been lucky to meet and work with an abundance of incredible women who were happy and excited to be part of this project. The women featured are the type of women who lift each other up and celebrate each other’s wins, which I think is so important.

I reached out to my network and submitted tons of quotes and sand stories to my editor, and ultimately, I had her make the final decision on where each submission landed in the book. It was too difficult for me to choose because all of the content was so heartfelt and enlightening.

“Above all, the ocean teaches us this: We are all connected. Everything we do echoes into the universe and even the smallest changes can build into positive life momentum.”- Holly Daniels Christensen

Do you have a favorite quote or chapter?

It’s way too hard for me to choose! There are many great stories and insightful nuggets within each chapter that came up throughout my personal creative process. I really love them all. The chapter “Be Unstoppable” is the one that seems to stand out the most. It talks about how to harness your inner tides, which has really helped me along my journey. It’s about taking advantage of your energy flow and really crushing life when your body and mind are in tune with each other while also honoring and appreciating yourself when you’re experiencing a low tide moment. We can’t be “on” every second of every day; we have to rest and take care of ourselves, so the high tide moments are even more impactful.

Are there any endeavors you have not yet taken on that we may expect from you in the future?

Anything else on your “to-do” list?The “to-do” list is ever-changing and always evolving! I have a concept store idea that is coming to fruition this spring. We’re working on opening brick and mortar experiential cruise port stores in some of the more popular destinations. This is the first time I’ve talked about it!

Keep your eyes on Dune’s social media to see the entire process of our opening Dune Ketchikan. In fact, I answered these questions on our first flight to Ketchikan, Alaska, to scope out the location and check on the construction progress. This location will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen from Dune.

I’m really good at making the most out of opportunities as they arise. While I constantly have ideas and endeavors brewing in my creative space, I also love to discover what the universe has in store for me by letting it happen naturally.

Let our readers know where they can follow you on this exciting journey or even meet you in person for a book signing.

Yes! You can follow me on Instagram, and I’ll be traveling all over the U.S. to visit our incredible Dune Jewelry retail partners this summer for trunk shows and book signings. I absolutely cannot wait! You can find that schedule on our website under Events.


@DuneJewlery on Instagram and Twitter


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