New in New York City: N0T LISTED’s Debut Single + Music Video

After teaming up with celebrity photographer, Mike Ruiz, Downtown New York band N0t Listed created an 80s and 90s inspired music video that incorporates feminine iconology for their debut single “Ridin’ This Wave.” “Ridin’ This Wave” incorporates elements of the queer nightlife they love, including fashion and makeup.

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N0t Listed is made up of three ethnically- and sexually- diverse members Leo, Kayvon, and Josh. The N0t Listed members met on the NYC underground queer circuit.

N0t Listed’s song is an electric pop song featuring vocals stemming from the R&B genre and house beats. “Ridin’ This Wave” is about “the magic of instant attraction: the feeling of meeting that special him, her, or they that rocks your world”. In the music video, viewers will see tons of glitter, glamour, and -of course- queer expression.

“Making art in a time like this is challenging.” explains Kayvon. “Everything had to be simplified but we didn’t want our video to seem underwhelming, so we made it all about us. No extras, or crazy sets. It was about how fierce we knew we are and bringing that times 100. I think in a way it worked out perfectly as we are able to share who we are, our uniqueness and similarities. We believe fierceness comes from the inside and working who you are.”

Kayvon first met Mike Ruiz on RuPaul’s film Starbooty. “Mike was someone we all look up to and admire. His music videos and photography inspire us! One thing we appreciate about Mike is he is straightforward. Leo had a wig for every scene, from afros to Beyonce’s Super Bowl hair but Mike wanted our hair out of our face to show the makeup.”

This didn’t stop Leo from expressing himself between sets, rocking his wigs – even if it meant tying his hair back.

Leo shares, “The video totally depicts the fun we have as a band. Whether we are voguing at the club, posing in front of a bodega, or swinging our wrists around in Kayvon’s basement, we are always serving and having a good time!”

Leo is sure that “Ridin’ This Wave” is just the start for N0t Listed, and there is more in store from the band. “Next up will be some straight R&B tracks along with some 80’s dance influence records and maybe a little acid house for your nerves.”

Kayvon added, “We are excited to start our next video and can’t wait to see what Mike comes up with.”

For more info on N0t Listed, check out their website.


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