“NEW YORK ROSE,” A Bag Dedicated to New York During the Global Pandemic

Go Dash Dot, a company founded by Hannah Fastov, has created a limited-edition bag inspired by New York’s strength and courage through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hannah Fastov is a 29-year-old New Yorker who started Go Dash Dot as a small business that created stylish functional bags for the “woman-on-the-go”.

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The “New York Rose” was designed by Go Dash Dot specially to honor the resiliency of New York during the shut down. It was inspired with the Lantern Rose that grows in New York under just about any condition.

“The ‘New York Rose’ Celebrates the Will, Spirit and Resolve of a City that Shines No Matter What the Circumstance” —Go Dash Dot Founder Hannah Fastov

Only 100 pieces of this bag were made, making it Go Dash Dot’s very first limited edition bag.

The “New York Rose” features a glossy black finish, leather trim, shopper key chain, and compartments for phones, laptops, and water bottles, making it both stylish and functional while also making a bold statement.

“I wanted to create something that celebrates the strength of New York while reflecting the humanity we showed during the worst of 2020,” said Hannah. “The New York Lenten Rose starts to bloom during the last six weeks of winter signaling the start of a new season, a new beginning. That is exactly what our limited-edition ‘New York Rose’ symbolizes. The start of a new beginning.”

The “New York Rose” includes a separate shopper tote, compacted in a key chain that expands to a full-length nylon bag. It’s also adorned with a charm depicting the New York Latern Rose. The bag comes in a shade of black never used by Go Dash Dot.

“It’s unlike anything we’ve ever created,” says Hannah. “The ‘New York Rose’ had to be utterly unique.”

“As a young, female entrepreneur with a small business that was just starting to gain traction, the COVID-19 outbreak was not only devastating to the business but my confidence as a leader. It was up to me to be strong for my team, who inspired me with their commitment, loyalty and resolve. We got each other through it, which is what New Yorkers do every day. We may have been beaten down, but we are resilient and will come back stronger than ever. The ‘New York Rose’ celebrates the resiliency of New Yorkers and celebrate the beautiful chaos that is our city.”

Bag Details

Fabric: Polyester

Trim: Leather

Shopper: Nylon

Dimensions: 13″H x 15″ L x 5″ D | 11″ Handle Drop

Snap In Snap Out Pouch: 7″ H x 10″ L

Shopper Key Chain: 3.5″ Diameter x .75″ H

Shopper Tote: 14.25″ H x 13.5″L | 11″ Handle Drop

Laundry Pouch: 13″L x 14″H



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