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New York Sushi Ko is Back and Better Than Ever

New York Sushi Ko

After Chef John Daley’s stint at Church Street Tavern’s omakase sushi pop-up he will return home to New York Sushi Ko. He will remain the chef and has come back as owner alongside sushi enthusiast, and long time guest Rafael Fogel as his partner. The restaurant’s reopening is equipped with a few adjustments – one of them being the offering of lunchtime services.

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The lower east side sushi hub is offering lunchtime service on Tuesday to Saturday from 12:30pm through 3:00pm. The menu includes a house soba noodle and sushi roll special at $25.00, a chef’s upgrade that includes uni or toro for $40.00, and traditional omakase ranging from $50.00 – $100.00. The laidback lunchtime atmosphere also allows restaurant patrons to accept business calls and take photographs of their experience, which was previously prohibited by management.

Dinnertime offerings will include the same traditional ambiance (sans cell phones and photographs) at a single price of $150.00 for omakase sushi Tuesdays through Friday from 5:30pm through 9:30pm. Following dinner service, Chef Daley will continue to welcome clientele for the “Afterhours Menu” which will reflect the lunchtime menu options. Chef Daley will close New York Sushi Ko on Saturday nights to make himself and his restaurant available for private parties both on and offsite.

About Chef John Daley:

John Daley’s journey into food has led him around the world and back again, through many different cuisines and stations in the industry. Daley finally discovered his calling under the mentorship of acclaimed sushi chef Masato Shimizu of Michelin-starred 15 East. From there, he went to train in Tokyo under Shimizu’s mentor, Rikio Kugo of the renowned Sukeroku. While studying in Japan, Daley made deep connections with the fishing community, enabling New York Sushi Ko to deliver some of the finest, freshest fish in the world to its eleven seats.

For more information, please visit New York Sushi Ko; New York Sushi Ko accepts reservations and walk-ins. For reservations please text 917.734.5857 or email For same day reservations after 6pm, please call 212.466,6975.

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