It's A Nice Day for a White, Blue, Pink, Whatever Wedding

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Sometimes, it can feel like no matter what you do for your wedding, you’re not necessarily taking a step away from the norm. There are so many styles and ideas working their way around common moon-boarding sites such as Pinterest, and being shared virally on Twitter and Facebook, that it can seem like you aren’t really doing anything original in your planning. And that’s what we all want, right? We are so stuck on the idea of guests coming to our wedding and seeing something unique and different that we are sitting for so long and thinking so hard of what we can do to spice things up a bit. All it can take is a step back and a think about the little things rather than the grand gestures (or the little things that are exchanged in grand gestures … hint, hint) that can set you on the right track for giving yourself the wedding of your dreams.

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The thing with weddings is that they’re totally subjective – and the subjections lies solely with you and the person you’re marrying. If you’re planning a venue based on what you think other people expect of you rather than what you actually want, it can end up costing you hundreds if not thousands of dollars that, realistically, can be spent on much better things. This is the one chance to be as original as you can make it; the one thing that guests will be talking about for ages to come is always the venue rather than anything else that you may have put on for them Whether it’s a marquee in the woods, a hiring out of an historic hall, a simple get together in your parents’ back yard or a huge gathering in a bar, you can guarantee that as long as you get it right for you, it should be right for everybody else once they see how happy you are with your decision. The stylings of a venue can really be made personal to the bridge and the groom, so work with what you’ve got and make it your own.



Move over traditional jewellery – the new age is in town and it’s tossing your gold rings out of the window. (Or running outside, and fetching them, blowing the dirt off and returning them as quickly as they threw them out – it’s totally your call). From wooden rings to gothic rings, tattooed rings to no ring at all, this is a commitment that is hopefully going to last a lifetime – so you may as well go for the style of ring that you want to wear for the rest of your life. Choosing something that is on-trend now but is a slightly faddy fashion will only result in you growing bored or complacent with the ring that is adorning your finger, and you ideally want neither of these things to happen. When you look down at that piece of jewellery, surely you want to be remembering feelings of joy, pride and happiness rather than “oh … there it is”, regardless of how well your marriage is doing. Have a click around on the web for inspiration, and don’t disregard any material that you may otherwise consider if social convention was getting in the way; there are a lot of colours and designs that can be incorporated into plastic!  



Let’s just through this hot take out there – you don’t have to wear a dress. Woah, okay, yeah, we said it. For many, a wedding is all about the dress and the day can be centered solely around the logistics of it (how you’ll get to the toilet, what you have to wear underneath it, what you have to put on top of it to avoid it getting stained, whether you’ll change out of it later … seriously, there’s a lot to think about). There are a lot of brides opting to wear either suits or their favourite clothes, even top and skirt sets that look fancier than what they’d normally wear on a day-to-day basis. It’s entirely up to you, and don’t stick with the notion that you have to wear white on your wedding day, either – go with whatever colour you please. Have a rainbow party if that suits you, or go all-black if that takes your fancy too. It’s your one big day, a day where people gather around you to celebrate you and what you love – it doesn’t have to be specific to the person. Branch out a little and see where it takes you.



The past couple of years have been somewhat of a makeup revolution, especially with brands such as MAC and NYX taking the lead and producing colours and palettes that were previously too taboo to go near. Purples, blues, blacks – these are no longer colours of the cold, but instead shades that can be embraced and used on a wedding look. You don’t have to stick to the pinks and reds that go hand in hand with brides, and in fact you don’t even have to have makeup on if you don’t want to – style only reflects how comfortable you feel, and if you aren’t feeling comfortable with any of it and it’s a step out of your normal routine, then shrug your shoulders and move on. On the other hand, playing devil’s advocate, this is also a great opportunity for you to go to a makeup counter and demand a makeover citing your wedding day as the main reason. If you like what you see, invest in it and recreate the looks in the future. You don’t have to stick to having a total wedding look if it’s something that you know you look good in. It takes a lot to gain confidence, especially if you’re creating it out of nothing, so take it on board and work with it to your full advantage. There are few other reasons for you to do so – go for it!

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