Nicky Hilton Fall 2015 Photo Shoot- Beauty and Wellness

In honor of Nicky Hilton’s wedding to James Rothschild, I thought I would “throw it back” to Nicky Hilton’s cover shoot for Bella Magazine’s 2015 Fall issue.

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A great location, a dedicated crew, and a gorgeous celebrity– the Nicky Hilton cover shoot was a success. Besides holding the titles “socialite”, “fashionista” and “entrepreneur”, Nicky serves as a beauty icon for thousands of women. For that reason, while at the shoot, I was determined to scope out some of her wellness and beauty secrets.

Makeup artist, Joseph Carrillo, was the artist behind Nicky’s makeup look. Carrillo accentuated Nicky’s eyes and contrasted it with a more subtle lip. Readers at home could easily achieve this classy and simple makeup look by using a light gray or brown eye-shadow on the lid and a darker gray or brown eye-shadow in the eye’s crease. Additionally, to achieve the “big eyed look”, Carrillo did not line Nicky’s waterline, but instead used a bronze eye-shadow underneath the waterline. To achieve Nicky’s plump and neutral lips, readers can line their lips with a lip liner that matches their natural lip color.

As a nutrition and health addict, I was eager to see how Nicky stays fit. Though Nicky has access to personal trainers, nutritionists and gyms, she incorporates simple exercises and cost-effective foods into her daily routine. As I awaited the arrival of the A-lister, I was certain she would arrive in a car; however, to my surprise, she arrived on foot. When she declined car service to take her home, I realized this wasn’t a coincidence.   Walking is one of the most convenient ways to stay in shape, so it’s no wonder Nicky takes advantage of walking wherever and whenever she can.

As we sat down for lunch Nicky dined on a quinoa salad, an omelet, and an avocado. Not only are these foods cost-effective, but also they are high in protein. Additionally, Nicky kept tabs on her food-intake; she indulged, but she knew when to stop.

To learn more about Nicky Hilton, stay tuned for BELLA’s Fall 2015 issue. Additionally, readers can keep their eyes open for Nicky’s new pocketbook line, which will be debuting this Fall.


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