No She Shed? No Problem! 6 products to Create a Spa-like Sanctuary at Home

A year ago, we were forced to transform our homes, no matter how large or small, into multi-purpose spaces. At first, I was fine with it, until I came to the realization that I was NEVER alone. Close girlfriends would text me at all hours of the day telling me how they were hiding in their bathrooms and closets to (lovingly) escape their family members. Friend zooms became quite hilarious when I noticed the varied backgrounds. Some were crouching in a corner of their bathroom, some in the actual bathtub, one friend surrounded by shoe boxes, and one underneath her desk.

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My “She Shed” zone quickly became, and still is, my bathroom. Even though we are allowed to live life again outdoors, on an everyday level, I’m not off at a beach house or a spa (although I’d like to be!). Most of the day, especially when it is 95 degrees and humid in New York City, is spent indoors with my 1-year-old. Here are BELLA Family’s favorite items to bring some “She Shed” vibes to your space:

Malicious Women Co. Candles and Diffusers

First of all, not only do these products smell delicious, but their labels are absolutely hilarious and will no doubt make you laugh with names like “Diffuse the Chaos” and

Please Leave By 9:00 – Infused with ‘Seriously…Get Out!”. My favorite candle scent   “Cabernet All Day”(don’t mind if I do!) evokes a strong sweet grape aroma with hints of strawberries and sugar.

Aloisia Beauty’s NOURISH Oil Cleanser & REFRESH Jade Purifying Cleanser

I can assure that once you wash your face with this cleansing duo you may want to bathe your entire body in it! With intoxicating scents, clean ingredients, and the ability to make you feel like you just had a facial, all tension will melt away with this pairing.  When used together, NOURISH Oil Cleansergently removes make-up, sebum and sunblock and other oil-based residue which is so important during these long summer days. REFRESH Jade Purifying Cleanseris applied after to go in for a deeper cleanse and remove sweat, dirt and environmental pollutants that are water based.


Apotheke Liquid Soap and Lotion in Earl Grey Bitters 

Adorn your sinks withApotheke’s plant based liquid soapsandlotionswhich will cleanse and moisturize your tired hands with classic earl grey tea leaves blended with lemon zest, bergamot, and peony for a relaxing moment.

The key ingredient in Apotheke’s plant-based liquid soaps and lotions is aloe vera, known for its anti-aging, moisturizing, and healing qualities. Their custom blend of aloe vera, essential oils, and natural botanicals creates a gentle soap that both cleanses and hydrates.  Leaves a light and refreshing fragrance on your skin.


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