No Sleep? No Problem! Tricks To Fake a Rested Appearance

It is no secret that adults need approximately eight hours of sleep to function at our best; but sometimes life gets in the way and that much rest becomes a special treat instead of a priority. Here is a wake up call for the super moms, the workaholics, and the rest of the sleep deprived world:  You may feel tired, but you do not have to look tired!

Follow me as I reveal these professional makeup artist tricks using very few products to look your best no matter how many hours of sleep you have managed to rack up last night.

1)      Eye cream

Eye cream is your friend! I cringe when I hear clients admit the absence of eye cream from their daily routine. Not only will eye cream slow down the inevitable signs of aging, but many will also treat dark circles and puffiness. When purchasing a new eye cream, get your money’s worth and find one that does all three: hydrate, and lessen the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. If you suffer from severe dryness, go for a texture that is emollient. These are often the most hydrating. Super puffy? Try roll on gels that have steel applicators. These usually contain special treatment for puffiness, and the applicator alone will immediately deflate the under eye area.

2)      Concealer

A little concealer will do wonders to mask darkness and redness under the eye. For moderate to severe cases, always choose a concealer with a peach undertone instead of matching it to your foundation color. Choosing the wrong shade can often draw attention to discoloration instead of camouflaging it. A peach tone will balance out (neutralize) blue or purple, preventing the concealer from creating a grey cast. When testing a new concealer, always color match under your eye area. You would be surprised at how different the color will look under your eye as opposed to on the back of your hand.

3)      Mascara

Widen those eyes by enhancing their fringe. If you have time, curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler, then apply two coats of black or navy blue mascara to make the whites of your eye appear brighter. Bambi has nothing on you!

4)      Eye Shadow

Use your finger tip to dab a light reflecting cream or powder eye shadow in white (for light complexions), ivory (for medium complexions), or gold (for dark complexions) to the very inner corners of your eyes. This will instantly brighten and draw people’s attention to this area.

5)      Bronzer/Blush

Once your eye area has been awakened, hydrate your skin to prevent a dull appearance. Finish off with bronzer or blush, focusing on the cheek area, to revive the face with color.

Congratulations to those of you who made it to this point without nodding off. These tips and tricks to fake a well-rested appearance are all yours to share or keep for yourself. Now, do your body and mind a favor and get some rest!

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