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Facebook has released a new dating site

Facebook (FB) Dating comes as the popularity of online dating increases every year. According to Pew Research Center in 2016, 15% of all U.S. adults said they had used online dating services — and I happen to be one of them. So, when I heard that Facebook created a way to suggest matches for you without signing up to another app or paying fees, I had to do more research.

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Facebook rolled out this feature in the U.S. and 19 other countries. Holy mother of taking-over-the-dating-competition, FB!  Facebook users can find love through shared interests without having to create a dating profile.  No more swiping, initiated conversations or filling out lengthy questionnaires on whether or not you like dogs, or if you’re curvy and workout 20 times a week.  Since Instagram (IG) is a Facebook partner, you can easily have your IG posts integrate into you Facebook Dating profile.

Hmm… do I sense another way to get more followers perhaps?

Okay, but is it safe? Facebook made claims that the Dating feature is “safe, inclusive and opt-in” with safety, privacy and security measures. You’ll have the ability to block, report a user and stop a user from sending unwanted photos. Oh man, but I love getting penis pics, said no one ever. LOL

Okay, now we know it’s user friendly, it’s safe to use, but how do we use it?  When a user finds someone of interest, they can comment on their profile or select the “Like” button to notify them. If you’re not interested in your match, then you have the option to pass on them.  Friends are not a dating match unless the two users both initiate the secret crush feature. You’re allowed to choose up to nine of your Facebook friends that you’re interested in.

Don’t worry, Facebook also states that your dating activity stays within the Facebook Dating and is not shared with the traditional Facebook users. In other words, your nana or pop pop won’t be able to see who you’re crushing on so they can’t bring it up during your family dinners.

What’s next for this feature? By the end of year, Facebook Dating plans to allow stories from both Facebook and Instagram to be incorporated into the dating profile.

Happy Dating!

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