North Fork Off-Road Fishing & Full Vine-To-Glass Wine Making Experience In A GMC SIERRA DENALI

The GMC Sierra North Fork Getaway, featuring the MultiPro tailgate, Friday, September 27, 2019 in Greenport, New York. (Photo by TalismanPHOTO for GMC)


Fall is the perfect time of the year for a road trip.  I love driving with the windows down enjoying fall in the air.  I had the opportunity to drive a GMC SIERRA DENALI to North Fork, Long Island on this late September morning for a weekend trip, just to give you an idea what a long ride looks like in one of these beauties.  First let me say, the amount of leg room and space inside the cab of the SIERRA made the ride so comfortable and it drove so smooth we didn’t feel one bump. The Segment-first Multi-Color Heads-Up Display, which projects key customizable vehicle data on the windshield on a 15” diagonal display, allowed me to drive without taking my eyes off the road.  In addition, the Segment-first Rear Camera Mirror offers an optimized view via an available dual-function interior mirror that expands your vision to overcome common visual obstructions, allowing a stress-free ride. This next generation system features a higher resolution camera, display and the ability to tilt or zoom in on your view.  As if that is not enough, the GMC has an Infotainment system with an 8-inch-diagonal color touchscreen and embedded navigation.  Which by the way comes standard in the GMC SIERRA.  This system features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto phone projection compatibility, advanced voice recognition, in vehicle apps and personalized profiles.  Need to catch up on some work on the way down? No problem, GMC comes equipped with GMC 4G LTE connectivity with WiFi hotspot. Such a convenient feature.  In addition to all of the above features, I can’t forget to mention it has heated and ventilated perforated leather-appointed front bucket seats.  Oh yes, sunroof too which was down the whole ride.  Heated leather-wrapped steering wheel for those cold days and nights when your hands are freezing.  All of these features made my trip very easy with everything at my fingertips. I am amazed at how many excellent features this truck has.

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Shortly after arriving at our destination The Sound View hotel in Greenport, NY our off-road fishing adventure began.  What an adventure going off-roading on bumpy trails to get to the Orient by the Sea. You were really able to get a feel for how the truck handles.  Once we arrived, we used the Rear Camera Mirror to assist us in backing the truck into position.  What a pleasure to back up the GMC Sierra and see a clear view of everything behind me.  Being that I am a new fisherman, I needed to learn a few things before starting.  The Highliner Fishing Company did a great job teaching me how to cast my fishing rod and wait patiently for a fish to bite.  So much fun, now I am ready to cast my fishing rod, so I stepped up into the bed of the truck and sat waiting for a fish to bite.  Thanks to the Industry-first MultiPro Tailgate and full width step with integrated hand grab, I was able to step up and down out of the bed with ease.  It also allowed me to sit very comfortably in the bed of the truck while fishing.  What an experience fishing out of the bed of a truck!  I have to say it made fishing a lot more fun for me.

(Photo by TalismanPHOTO for GMC)

We had some down time in between fishing and the winery, so we headed back to our room to enjoy the waterfront view.  There are so many things to do here in North Fork.  Our next adventure, off to Shinn Estate Vineyard.  Lunch was served there while we sample tasted the wine made from their vineyard.  We walked into a room surrounded by wine barrels to the left and right of us.  In the center of the room, there is a beautiful table set for lunch.  We sat and listened to the history of each wine we were tasting. We tasted Cabernet Franc, MOJO, Concrete Blonde and First Fruit wine straight from there Vineyard.  So hard to choose which one was my favorite.  Once we finished lunch and wine tasting, we headed out to the vineyard.  We experienced what a delicate process it is to cut each cluster of grapes by hand so there is very little waste.  After we cut the cluster of grapes from the vine, you have to gently place them into the container. Once the container was filled to the top with grapes, we had to load the containers onto the bed of the truck.  Again, the GMC MultiPro Tailgate allowed us to do all of this with ease.  We just stepped up into the truck using the step design which can hold up to 375 pounds. Let’s not forget the CarbonPro bed which is the industry’s first carbon-fiber composite bed to ensure no scratches during the process. Done with loading, now we get to make wine the old fashion way by stomping the grapes with our feet in the barrel.   Very entertaining, as we have a contest on who will stomp the grapes the fastest.  You think to yourself, it’s just grapes how hard could it be?  Well it was definitely a workout but a lot of fun!! As we say goodbye, we are left with a customized bottle of wine for us to take home.  Such a nice added touch!!

(Photo by TalismanPHOTO for GMC)

Who doesn’t love watching the Sunset, S’mores and a Bonfire on the beach?  Well I love them all!! Did you ever try starring at the stars while laying down in an air mattress in the bed of a pickup truck?  Well I did and it was so cool, you have to try it one day.  The GMC SIERRA came equipped with air mattress and radio built into the tailgate.  Everything to make a S’mores Bonfire lots of fun and so relaxing as you listen to the waves.

Photo by TalismanPHOTO for GMC

Road trips are always fun.  The one thing different about this road trip for me was the opportunity to experience the GMC SIERRA DENALI’s true potential.  Pickup trucks are usually rough and tough.  I have to say this truck has the look and feel of luxury with amazing capability.  The GMC SIERRA DENALI made it possible for me to experience off-road fishing and experience the full vine-to-glass wine making at Shinn Estate Vineyard.  I Enjoyed a private lunch and tasting in the barrel room while learning the ease of trailering anything with the pickup itself.  Not to mention the truck is diesel so we didn’t have to fill the tank until we arrived at home.  The perfect end to a wonderful trip!

The GMC Sierra North Fork Getaway, featuring the MultiPro tailgate, Friday, September 27, 2019 in Greenport, New York. (Photo by TalismanPHOTO for GMC)



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