North Miznon by Eyal Shani Brings Vibrant Mediterranean Flavors to the Upper West Side

Star Chef Eyal Shani brings his soulful Mediterranean cuisine to North Miznon, located on the Upper West Side, and it has fast become a favorite neighborhood dining hot spot. North Miznon has developed an ever-changing menu that focuses on seasonal ingredients. The kitchen specializes in local produce, high-quality meat and seafood dishes designed to share, fresh homemade pasta, and delicious desserts. The chefs work in an open kitchen, meaning the energy of the kitchen, and having fun, is an integral part of the restaurant’s atmosphere and the overall North Miznon dining experience. The service is friendly and fun and led by the charismatic Itamar Levy, who will ensure you will have a great time on every visit.

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With more than 40 restaurants across the world, from Tel Aviv to Paris, New York, Miami, Boston and Melbourne, Chef Shani is best known for his vibrant Mediterranean street food at Miznon with four locations in the city from Chelsea Market to Hudson Yards, and signature HaSalon located in Hell’s Kitchen where beautiful dinners segue into dancing on the tables.

In each of his restaurants and at North Miznon, Chef Shani hires and trains the most creative chefs who act intuitively, sources local ingredients wherever possible, and will travel hundreds of miles to track a singularly good tomato. He adamantly maintains, “I won’t create anything without finding a good tomato,” which he believes is the core foundation of all his restaurants. “The tomato encompasses all this; it’s a different energy and from the very beginning, it has to be its best and be fresh to be a divine food,” he says with wonderment.

Shani says everything starts with sourcing ingredients closest to his restaurants, as they’ve done for centuries in Mediterranean countries. “In the U.S., it’s not like you’re eating food that was born in the place you’re eating; there’s a big food system where it’s coming from different parts of the country and vegetables are traveling for eight to 10 days from the moment they’re harvested to the moment they appear on your plate,” he says. “By its traveling, they forget the nature they came from. Food is to tell you where it came from, the people that took care of it, the sun the soil, the taste it carries,” he explains.

In the kitchen, Shani instructs his chefs, “You’re working from intuition, from starving, under a big risk, you’re not trying to be safe, you’re on a journey,” he tells them. “It’s inside your imagination. We’re not testing it in advance, we’re testing it on the people; we’re coming in naked and honest to the product you’re creating.” And thus, he describes an ethereal approach to cuisine intended to make the audience “feel something” each time they visit.

All of Chef Shani’s 8 New York restaurants are sure to satisfy, and if you’re on the Upper West Side, North Miznon is your place for an elevated experience.

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