Ntidote: A Plant-Based Antidote for Healthy Living

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Ntidote Life is a new, plant-based food product line inspired by Amir Marashi, M.D., and Celebrity Chef Matthew Kenney, through their mutual passion for internal wellness. Ntidote’s focus is on nutrient-dense functional foods that are smartly packaged and branded. Ntidote products are uniquely crafted to offer maximum nutritional benefits, with each individual formula designed to boost and nourish essential functions of the body.

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Dr. Marashi and Chef Kenney have launched Ntidote with 3 separate nutritional bars, which are the product of a year-long developmental process of diligent refining, retesting and remodeling. Through Marashi’s extensive clinical knowledge of medicine and Kenney’s holistic approach toward crafting plant-based cuisine, each individual formula is designed to offer optimal health benefits through its superfood ingredients. Whether you are battling inflammation, brain fog or fatigue, Ntidote bars can improve your health and well-being through a plant-based, nutrient-dense and medicinal formula.

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The recipes utilize organic, unprocessed and mostly raw vegan ingredients, and contain some of the world’s most powerful superfoods. Starting with 3 unique flavor combinations, (Energizing Emerald, Copper Caramel, Golden Turmeric), the Ntidote bars are sold in the iconic 1 Hotels.

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The brand hosted an NYC launch event this month, with founders Amir and Matthew, for press and guests to experience Matthew Kenney’s partnership with world-renowned Parisian Tea Room, Ladurée, at their location in SoHo, New York. Attendees sampled a completely plant-based and delicious menu, while speaking with the founders on how to incorporate Ntidote into their daily life and wellness plans.


Meet the Founders

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Amir Marashi is a board-certified OB/GYN physician based in New York City. Growing up as the son of a physician, Marashi developed a passion for health and wellbeing at a young age, entering medical school at just 15 years old and graduating at 23. He is a firm believer in combining modern, cutting-edge procedures with the power of intuitive eating to heal his patients from the inside out. Marashi believes that health begins with the food we put into our bodies, and his deep passion for improving the lives of his patients is what drives him to guide them toward a healthier lifestyle.

Matthew Kenney is one of the world’s first leading chefs at the forefront of plant-based cuisine, an author of 12 cookbooks and a best-selling memoir, a culinary educator and CEO of Matthew Kenney Cuisine, a multifaceted company specializing in plant-based living throughout several unique markets. Ntidote is a project that Kenney has been dreaming about for years, as it embodies his mission to bring healthy, cruelty-free food to the masses and further unite the world by a sole purpose to live conscientiously, thoughtfully and to proactively strive toward a more sustainable future.


Find out more + start your journey to a healthier lifestyle with Ntidote Life by visiting the link: https://www.ntidotelife.com



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