NYC Spotlight: The Brunch Boys

In NYC, one of the food capitals of the world, is putting a new and delicious spin on the artistry of food. At the helm, Jeremy Jacobowitz focuses on everything brunch, including food, lifestyle, travel, events, and more! With over 300K followers on Instagram and a growing presence on Snapchat and Facebook, they share their love of brunch through original videos, photography, and blogs. 

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Just in the past year, the Brunch Boys brand has exploded—Jacobowitz was named one of NYC’s Most Eligible Bachelors, they threw the first ever “Puppy Brunch,” and they launched two original shows, “Can You Fry It?” and “WaFULLED.”

Jacobowitz has also moved in front of the camera as a host not only for Brunch Boys, but also for, and other TV and online projects in the works.

BELLA loved talking to this NYC foodie to find out more about his passion for food and his recipe for turning that into a successful career.


Where and how did you begin on your food Instagram journey?

I had been working with FoodTV, first as Bobby Flay’s assistant on set, and then as a producer, and 2½ years ago I started Brunch Boys, but it wasn’t really a food Instagram at the time. My idea was to make fun brunch videos when I had time off between shows. I started the Instagram page right away because I wanted to have the name “Brunch Boys” on every single platform. At the time there were no food Instagrams, so there wasn’t even an idea it would become so popular.

I ended up on the road for a few food travel shows, and because I was in all these kitchens across the country taking photos of food (one of the million responsibilities I had as a producer), I just began uploading pictures to the account. It took off from there!

How has your time working with Bobby Flay and FoodTV influenced your success now?

First and foremost, working with Bobby has been the biggest influence on every part of my life, and that certainly contributes to my success  and to that of Brunch Boys. Bobby is the hardest working person I’ve ever been around, and inspirational just being able to see what it takes to be successful. While I was never actually filming the food on set, a big part of my job was to try my best to make the food look beautiful, so to have those skills prior to Instagram made my account stand out.
Having the background working in food with Bobby gave me instant credibility even before I was able to grow the account.

Why brunch?

There were a few reasons I chose brunch. One  was, of course, that I personally love brunch, but I also know that everyone loves brunch! It’s the one meal every week where we all just sit, relax, and overindulge with food and drinks with our friends. It’s become more than just a meal! I also wanted to stand out, and when I looked around and realized no one was focusing on brunch, immediately I was different.

What do you look for when picking the perfect meal for your pictures?

Even though at this point brunch can really be any type of food, I do try and stick with what’s “brunchy.” Not only does it fit my account better, but it’s really the way I like to eat. I’ll put an egg on almost anything!

Is there a secret to the perfect food shot?

I think the secret is to find your own style and be consistent. My food pictures are always up close on the food, and as best as I can manage, I want it in natural light.

Some food/plating can be less attractive than others; do you simply move on or are there ways to salvage the photograph? 

I’m always playing with my food! As a FoodTV producer I was playing with the dishes to try to make them prettier if that wasn’t how they came out of the kitchen. You don’t need to go crazy, but you can do a lot of little things. Sometimes a sandwich comes out and is not working for some reason, so I’ll cut it half to see if the inside looks a little better. Sometimes it’s just moving some things around on the plate. I don’t want to change what the dish is, just let it shine!

Do you have a favorite shot or meal?

That’s so difficult! Right now it may be the burger photos I took at Salvation Burger  I can just stare at them all day, drooling. As far as a meal, right now I’m still obsessing over Shaya when I was in New Orleans.


Do you feel there is a connection between how you portray a meal and how it tastes? 

I think there is definitely a connection, but it’s not always the case. I’d say that nine times out of 10, I like the dishes I’m shooting, but there are times when the photo is definitely better than the taste.

Why do you believe food Instagram accounts have become so popular?

I think people care more about food now than at any other point in American history. It’s so much more than just eating, it’s what this generation does for enjoyment. When we hang out with our friends, it’s to eat and drink. In NYC especially, people are obsessed with where to eat next, and Instagram is the perfect platform for that. Whenever someone tells me about a restaurant, the first thing I do is look at the geotag so I can see pictures of the food.

Where do you see Brunch Boys headed in the future? 

My goal is to grow the brand and keep up with whatever is next, not just relying on Instagram. I recently relaunched and have been doing more on-camera work. I hosted a show for, and am doing guest spots here and there. I just filmed an episode of “Beat Bobby Flay” yesterday as a judge, and doing these things has been a lot of fun!

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