NYC Through the Lens of Photographer BRANDON PARKER

Brandon Parker, a senior media studies student at The New School, shared his heartfelt sentiments—and equally heartwarming images—about the Black Lives Matter movement in NYC…

“I moved to New York two years ago to pursue a career in fashion photography. After the murder of George Floyd, I felt a calling to be present. I remember sitting in class during Black History Month, thinking to myself, ‘If I was alive during the civil rights movement, I would have done something.’ I quickly realized that this, too, was a movement, and it wasn’t going away. In the beginning, I was angry; I felt the rage and desire to destroy like many people. Upon going to my first protest, I looked into the eyes of the police officers there and realized that they are people too. It would be wrong to be mean to someone who has done nothing to me, the same way I don’t want to be blamed for the crimes of Black people. It is my hope that these images show the reality of our movement and the humanity in us all. We are one people, and it’s free to be nice.”


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