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In a time where technology is all consuming, Escape Virtuality utilizes virtual reality technology to create a gaming experience unlike any other. Located in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City and equipped with a unique collection of interactive games and escape rooms, Escape Virtuality creates an interactive user experience that people of all ages can immerse themselves in. Taking a unique approach to gaming, Escape Virtuality offers the latest in Escape Rooms, VR Escape and VR Experiences. It is also NYC’s first and only virtual reality escape room where you and your teammates are transported to a totally different world.

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Escape Virtuality offers three production-quality escape rooms, and also offer Escape VR technology that are interactive and motion-censored. With new automation, Escape Virtuality’s games are featured with sensory elements comprised of two state-of-the-art motion racing simulators and four multi-directional treadmills that allow you to walk in place while moving your VR character. These new developments can be used to play multiplayer games so that you and your friends will be able to unite, challenge and conquer.

When you factor the force of movement inside an escape room, you get Escape Virtuality’s “Runaway Subway Train,” a full-motion game that puts you and your friends on a divided subway train running out of control. Any game that features factors in motion sensors will be a sure-fire way to increase your adrenaline. is sure to make you feel in physical control. You now have less than 60 minutes to team up and figure out how to stop the runaway train before it reaches the end of the line and crashes. This motion simulated train is a true test of your ability to think under pressure.

Goblins Quest: The Uprising is a first of its kind experience that features a combination of Virtual Reality within an escape room. In Goblin’s Quest,you have been captured by the Goblin king and must work together with your allies to escape his wrath. You’ll encounter fellow goblins and heroes of the realm of Viera in your pursuit to rise up against the king. You can play Goblin’s Quest with up to 6 players. You don’t want to miss out on an adventure like Goblins Quest.

Many escape rooms require larger parties or include a 60-minute timer. If you’re wanting a quicker version of an escape room that still requires the same abilities, Escape Virtuality offers a distinct 5-minute, 1-2 person escape room. The “Meltdown” room involves skill-based games that has random hints, so no two experiences are exactly alike. In this room, the city is in danger and you need to stop a nuclear reactor from entering into a meltdown. This quick escape room is housed behind glass walls so people from the street or from inside will be able to see you play. If you’re curious to test your ability to escape by yourself, be sure to see if you can save the city from a meltdown.

In addition to Escape Rooms, Escape Virtuality offers VR experiences, a new and visual way to take gaming to a new level. Put yourself in the game with XTREMATIC Virtual Reality Simulator Extreme-Machine. With over 30 games and films to experience with 2 Xtrematic Machines, try everything from downhill skiing to an adventurous ride through a dinosaur park, and you are sure to have an extreme experience everyone will enjoy.

For players that enjoy breaking a sweat, Escape Virtuality offers an augmented-reality interactive rock-climbing wall. This active play technology invites anyone, from the youngest kids to hard training adults, to have an amazing time and get a great physical exercise. Even the audience is easily captivated by the games. People often spontaneously participate by cheering and shouting instructions.

Escape Virtuality is great for solo gamers, but if you’re feeling competitive, battle with groups in collaborative arcade style games for score supremacy. If you come out with a ‘high score’ title during your visit, Escape Virtuality sends a recording(check out this one from BELLA EIC’s son!) of you showing off your skills.

If you’re looking for somewhere to book your next function, Escape Virtuality is available to rent out with a partner  event space which offers catering options, including beer and wine. The venue is great for families, friends, corporate seminars or teambuilding events where colleagues work through unusual obstacles together, learn to build trust, enhance communication and bond through adrenaline-fueled adventures. Parties are available for groups up to 75 people.

Visit Escape Virtuality at 130 W. 29thStreet, New York, NY 10001 and follow their social media platforms:



Twitter: @EscapeVRNewYork

By Allie Gonzales



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