Oliver Trevena Talks "The Rising Hawk", "Grand Isle", and Working with Nicolas Cage


Oliver Trevena is a name we’re sure you’ve heard before. This Brit host and actor has interviewed hundreds of celebrities and musicians through his work at The Hollywood Reporter, YoungHollywood, GQ.com & more! As an actor, he’s just wrapped filming The Rising Hawk, Embattled, and Grand Isle feature movies and guest starred on numerous TV shows.

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You’re so well-known from your work hosting Young Hollywood, but you also have so much happening right now as you’re set to appear in three separate feature films. Can you tell me about those projects and how you chose them?

Yeah – I wanted to switch it up a little and really missed acting. It’s what I had trained for all my life and used to do so I had the “itch” to get back into it. I filmed a feature film last summer called “The Rising Hawk,” which is a 13th Century period piece based on a novel set in the Ukraine. It was amazing in every way and extremely tough at the same time. Lots of horse riding, sword fighting and stunts! Then I filmed a movie in Alabama called “Embattled” which is an amazing story in the fighting world. At the end of last year I shot the thriller “Grand Isle” with Nicolas Cage and Kelsey Grammer, two legends, and it was an amazing experience working with them.

Is being an “actor” everything you dreamed it would be?

Yes, and more! I feel most alive when I’m working on a set and love getting to be someone else.

Did you have a “moment” when you thought to yourself, “This is it, I made it”?

Nope! I’ve still got a long way to go, but I’m loving the journey!

Originally from the UK, you now split your time between there and the US. What are some of your favorite things about life in LA and of course what you miss most about home?

I miss my family, watching football (our kind, soccer) and the British pubs! But I love LA and being outdoors, the ocean, the hikes, and the sunshine – all of which are tough and rare to come by in England.

You’ve worked alongside some of Hollywood’s most notable actors, Nicolas Cage and Kelsey Grammer – tell me about that experience and what you may have learned from working with them.

It was amazing. Both Nicolas and Kelsey are brilliant in every way; it was an honor to work with them. They have an aura about them that can only come with such incredible experience. Kelsey’s been a close friend for many years so it was great to finally work together – he taught me to just have fun with it and to go with the flow. They treated everyone on set humbly with mutual respect, which was super nice to witness.

Aside from acting, what are some of your other passions?

I love football (soccer) – I still play a lot for fun, and music is a big part of my life too. I try and go see at least one concert every couple of weeks. I’m also the global spokesperson & ambassador for Not for Sale, an organization fighting to end human trafficking around the world, which has become a strong passion for me, so I regularly visit our shelter in Thailand and work with the NFS team on how to make a difference there.

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